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    3 matches comment Do you think this is a slightly modified typeface or just a unquely lettered logo? I'm designing an invitation for this venue and wanted something -esque, but am having a TIME finding an appropriate font! THANKS!
    3 matches comment I have googled the web and I can't find the font from "The Little Mermaid", has anyone made this font, or know what it is called? If it hasn't been made can you please tell me of a similar font? ^^; Thank you.
    3 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10778 the little mermaid, disney
    1 matches comment does anyone know where i could get the "Walt Disney World" font? thanks -john
    1 matches comment It looks like a modified Rubens there are some free ones around under DIsney's names including a Ravenscroft
    1 matches comment As long as it's disney using it, and that they have their own typographic studio, and that the arrows are not on all letters, i'd say it's a hand made font. The 4 "E" are different
    2 matches comment ! Any ideas on this for something similar? I seem to be unable to post the image as an attachment. Here's a link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_faki7bAW2zg/StSWIeUBuJI/AAAAAAAAAfU/r4ACP60r9Vg/s1600-h/mermaid.poster.1.jpg Tiki Magic is dead on for most of it. Thanks so much! Ideas for the words "the" and "just"?
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15303 This font is based on the Disney movie Tangled
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 [quote]@Schwalben Koenig:And for your interest: The nice Decotech font is not on your list: http://members.aol.com/disneyfonts/dt.html[/quote] Hmmm ... from members.aol.com/disneyfonts/ ... DECOTECH is a new rendition of a Walt Disney World Tomorrowland-style font. Seizing inspiration from designs by Daniel Pelavin and Neville Brody -- whose distinctive typefaces help define the retro-futuristic style of New Tomorrowland -- DecoTech features capitals from Metropolis Science Centre and Space Mountain, with the addition of an original lowercase set. DECOTECH TL offers some extra capitals: the uppercase contain the common "Tomorrowland" character set, while the lowercase contain some additional designs based on signage from Port Discovery at Tokyo Disney Sea. These can be used alone or mixed with DecoTech upper/lowercase for more design possibilites. Special thanks to Joshua Harris for the idea and design input! ... Decotech is just another variation of the Anna or AnneBoleyn, as you please.

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