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    1 matches comment Lauren, now cool down. Your font is obviously not a ripoff from Melina. There are too many details that say it is the same ballpark, but a different font. It could be that Maurice Sendak himself was inspired by this typeface (or his bookcover designer). And you expanded it to a digital font. No accusation, that happens. Even the most professional type-designers. See the case »Neill Bold« and »Mobley« by Alejandro Paul. But I have to say you should immediately update your font-files with your peronal data, as seen in the recent pee pant script-threads. You know, if the fonts can be downloaded for free, the files are spread over the net in lightning speed. And then you don’t have one additional forum to talk to, but thousands and millions. Keep up the work, Lauren.
    1 matches comment That's better. It is the Matrix. You'll want the Tall.
    1 matches comment This is a bit of a tall order at any time of the year I will try and find as many as i can and post them one at a time. Well here goes C YA Soon BiG.
    1 matches comment With an 'l' this tall compared to the 'd', and 2 'e' different, all lettres so welle attached to each other i'd say it's hand made. Not a font.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15903 Es una tipografía extra fina y extra condensada, rematada con pequeños serif verticales de acabado redondeado.
    1 matches comment Ideally I would want something that looks slightly "embossed" that is a serif font. I want to be able to make it tall and skinny (which I can do in the program I'm using) and have it look ok. I'm using it on a darker picture that's suppposed to look creepy or ominuos. Anything that you can find to help would be much appreaciated.
    1 matches comment I am making a scrapbook for my daughter's wedding and I need a VERY LARGE font. I need something about 3 to 4 inches tall. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thank you......PatBart
    1 matches comment The second one is the Tall Paul which you could easily have found in the handwriting dept.
    1 matches comment Hi, I realize this is a tall order considering there are many custom and proprietary fonts made everyday but I was wondering if there's a font identification tool that can process images to see what font they're using (say if it's a standard windows or photoshop or freetype font, etc) Something to save time when you have to edit text in an image but you don't have the original image source file... Thanks
    1 matches comment I would like very much to find any fonts associated with the Engel RPG recently released in the states. (I know it was out in Germany before now) The main font drops tall letters so that nothing is ever above the midline, for example, "l"s drop done like the post on a "p" or a "q" and the post on a "k" drops down so that the top of the post is even with the "<". If anyone knows where I can find the fonts from this book (Engel), or even some similiar fonts, please let me know! If you email me, please use "engel font" as the subject. -Tree

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    CCElephantmen Tall
    CCElephantmen Tall-Bold
    CCElephantmen Tall-Italic
    Tall Scrawl NF
    CCElephantmen Tall Bold Italic
    CA No Dr Tall
    Tall Skinny Condensed
    Tall Skinny Condensed
    Intellecta Roman Tall
    Radiogram Tall
    Android Tall
    Eatwell Tall
    Gorey Tall
    Radiogram Tall
    Taurunum Tall
    Wearetrippin Tall
    CA No Dr. Tall
    Elephantmen Tall Bold
    Elephantmen Tall Italic
    Elephantmen Tall Regular
    Taurunum Tall
    Radiogram Solid Tall
    Malaise Tall
    Promdate Tall
    Elephantmen Great & Tall Volume
    Elephantmen Tall Bold Italic
    Gorey Tall Oblique
    Harpsichord Tall Condensed
    Radiogram Solid Tall
    Wearetrippin Tall Bold
    Walk Da Walk One Tall
    Walk Da Walk Three Tall
    Walk Da Walk Two Tall
    Category Tall
    RTF Stern Tall Caps
    Fournier™ Italic Tall Capitals
    Fournier™ Regular Tall Capitals
    Fournier™ Italic Tall Capitals
    Fournier™ Regular Tall Capitals
    Eatwell Tall
    P22 DeStijl Tall
    Stu Heinecke Tall
    Intellecta Roman Tall
    P22 De Stijl Tall
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Bold
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Light
    Intellecta Roman Tall Short
    Intellecta Roman Tall Strong
    Mesa Bold Tall Caps
    Mesa Regular Tall Caps
    P22 Arts and Crafts Tall
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Bold Italic
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Extra Black
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Light Italic
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 CAS Bold
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 CAS Normal
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 DTP Bold
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 DTP Normal
    Android Tall
    P22 Arts and Crafts Tall
    Rider Tall Ultra-condensed Extra Black Italic
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 CAS Bold Italic
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 CAS Normal Italic
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 DTP Bold Italic
    ARB 67 Roman Tall JUL-37 DTP Normal Italic
    CCElephantmen Great
    CCElephantmen Great-Bold
    CCElephantmen Great-Italic
    CCElephantmen Great Bold Italic
    Intellecta Roman Short
    Intellecta Roman Strong
    Primrose with Rosencrantz
    Rosencrantz Regular
    Guildenstern Regular
    Nautilus Regular
    Nautilus Light
    Stand By Action Stand By 4 Action
    Nautilus Dark
    Zebbidy Stencil
    KG Somebody That I Used To Know Regular
    Primrose and Whiffle
    CM HELLO I LIKE YOU Complete Family Pack
    Carry On Screaming Regular
    Nautilus Complete Family Pack
    KG Love You Through It 2
    KG Two Is Better Than One Regular
    KG Love You Through It 1
    KG Love You Through It 3
    Doohickey Complete Family Pack
    KG Love You Through It Set
    KG One More Night Regular
    Dutch Courage Dark
    Dutch Courage Draught
    Dutch Courage Lite
    KG Ways to Say Goodbye Regular
    Trivet Family
    Trivet Regular

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