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    1 matches comment Looks like the Minion Semibold, a bit expanded.
    2 matches comment I'm apparently too young for Peter and Jane[/i:2bacd312a7] -- sadly, no doubt. Since I'm not sure what you want, I'll just try to get closer. Are you looking for a specific font, or just any suitable 'rounded' one? If you are trying to match a font, can you provide us with any pictures? That would be the best help you could give. Since you've tried Tahoma and Arial, I'm guessing you're looking for a sans-serif. It wouldn't be Verdana, would it? Verdana is much more rounded than Arial, but comparable to Tahoma. Those're some of the questions I need to know before I -- or any of the others here -- can really help. Unless, of course, they know all about Peter and Jane[/i:2bacd312a7]. I daresay they might.
    1 matches comment Sergio, what about the Utopia Semibold?
    1 matches comment Looks like Tahoma.
    3 matches comment Im stuck trying to find a font to use with my logo any suggestions??? The company is a fire and security company and im not sure what would look nice. At the miniute im just using tahoma (a bit plain and boring)! My site were you can see the logo is at http://www.cfs-fire.co.uk Thanks all
    1 matches comment Looks like Plantin® SemiBold Italic to me.
    1 matches comment Try the Ocean Sans SemiBold. Not 100% (e) but fairly close.
    1 matches comment Hello I think: Bembo® Semibold is very close. Alex
    1 matches comment closest i can find is myriad pro semibold italic

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    NewLibris Semibold
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    Yummo SemiBold
    Baskerville No 2 SemiBold
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    Dederon SemiBold
    Pakenham SemiBold
    Pakenham Xp SemiBold
    Biondi Semibold
    Rabenau™ Condensed Semibold
    Rabenau™ Semibold Italic
    Raldo RE Semibold
    Acorde Semibold
    Agenda Semibold
    Amira Semibold
    Aperto SemiBold
    Armitage Semibold
    Axaxax SemiBold
    Biondi SemiBold
    Brevia SemiBold
    Calluna Semibold
    Cambridge Semibold
    Cardigan SemiBold
    Carpenter Semibold
    Clicker Semibold
    Clicker Semibold SC
    DDT SemiBold
    Dereza Semibold
    Doradani SemiBold
    Downturn Semibold
    Escrow Semibold
    Fiendstar Semibold
    Fontana ND Cc SC Semibold
    Fontana ND Ee SC Semibold
    Fontana ND Gg Semibold
    Fontana ND Ll Semibold
    From The Stars SemiBold
    Geogrotesque SemiBold
    Granat Semibold
    Granat Semibold-MC
    Grotext SemiBold
    ION A Semibold
    ION B Semibold
    ION C Semibold
    Isometrik SemiBold
    Keks Semibold
    Konsens Semibold
    Lorimer Semibold
    Madawaska SemiBold
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    Madita Semibold
    Meloche SemiBold
    Minion Cn Semibold
    Minion Semibold
    Mitigate SemiBold
    Moderno FB Semibold
    Monarcha SemiBold
    Neustadt SemiBold
    New June SemiBold
    Novel Pro SemiBold
    Novel Std SC SemiBold
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    Ohitashi SemiBold
    Pona Semibold
    Prensa Semibold
    Prensa Semibold SC
    Pricedown SemiBold
    Productus Semibold
    Proforma SemiBold
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    Quagmire SemiBold
    Relato SemiBold
    Report SemiBold
    Rhode Semibold
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