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    5 matches comment I am the designer of the Social Animal font, but the person who uploaded MY font, has uploaded the older, not complete version. I now want the font to be replaced with the NEW font, how can I manage that? I tried to contact the guy who put my font online, but he does not respond... And I think my name should be in the designers list, not his!
    1 matches comment This logo was designed for my company the guy who designed it can't remember the font can anyone help please !!!
    3 matches comment view details for free font #13388 Don't know how garava was designed by Bhikkhu Pesala
    2 matches comment Not a font, a'm afraid. A hand designed logo.
    1 matches comment Seriously - you had seen the typeface before. On the cover of the book you used to copy it from. Stop blabbing about how it's your original work. No, it's whomever designed the cover of that book's design - or whomever designed the type for the cover of the book.
    3 matches comment Found none that are a perfect match. There are 3 around that come close, the Fago Normal Black Caps (Ole Schaefer, 1999) and the Meta Bold Caps (Erik Spiekermann, 1991), both available at FontFont.com and the BlissCaps ExtraBold (Designed by Jeremy Tankard for Agfa Division Bayer Corporation. The year says 1996 but the date has probably been tampered with) which is very much like the Meta, though not a clone and runs a bit wider. All 3 are fine for 'Life', but all 3 fail for 'Second'; not matching the S, c and d.
    2 matches comment P22 Victorian Swash Designed by: Richard Kegler, Amy Greenan, 2000 Burtons Nightmare Submitted: Aug 7th, 2001 by alex. With a 1993 Scriptorium Font Library shareware copyright marker, ASCII 126: [img]http://www.abstractfonts.com/image/charmap/1324/126.png[/img] Burtons Nightmare 2000 Burtons Nightmare2000 is a registered trademark of Mitron Creations (2001). Goodfellow Designed by: David Nalle, 1993.Also with the Scriptorium Font Library shareware copyright marker, ASCII 126. Rugklacht J Copyright 1995, Julius B Thijssen. Thanks to David F Nalle for his work on the Goodfellow-font, which has been inspiration for making the Rugklacht-font. Version: Immortalware:09091995. I wonder dear Swallow, I wonder ...
    1 matches comment Gah, I still need to clear my EMail inbox - haven't forgotten at all; but that's a job I do keep putting off..... The Simbats font and the companion were designed by SM Lust - the same artist who designed my "Bunny Wuffles" logo character :cool: I might have guessed you would have known about the fonts, but I link to his site from my main page where I was *hoping* you would have come across them as a nice surprise. Who on earth was I kidding" :rolleyes: :D ...and NO! Bolton is a new one on me - where can I find it? I tried Googling, but whenever I think I found it, I just keep on getting redirected to Fonts.com where everything is pay. I have another film-related font query; I'll start a new thread on that one if I may, as it is a different topic. And I MUST get round to cleaning my EMail inbox! :rolleyes:
    2 matches comment These fonts can be seen on this site: http://www.uniformsexpress.com/letter.htm But: the font names don't match... I believe the "Pirates" is designed for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but how to get it?
    1 matches comment 1. difficult to say exactly which font is this. Small sample, very low contrast and heavy jpg distortion. Can be one of several sans serifs. 2. Very legible sans serif fonts. Often specially designed to be very readable on a distance. 3. If you want to be absolutely sure that you are legally using fonts you can a) buy a commercial font b) ask the designer of a 'free' font for permission. Almost all 'free' fonts are free for personal/non-profit use. Most of the designers require permission asked for commercial use. mumble on the side ... Weren't pictograms designed so that the message was clear without text? And if there is text why use a pictogram too?

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