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    10 matches comment Is there a font or dingbat that has the 'Copyright', 'registered' & 'trademar'k symbols? Thanks daddio
    1 matches comment I would like to use Merriam-Webster pronunciation symbols in Open office writer. I assume that I have to find a font that has these special symbols and install it on the computer and then open office or for that matter ms office would find that and add the pronunciation symbols to the special character insert feature. The problem is how do I find those symbols? I have searched around but have not found anything yet.
    1 matches comment Could someone please tell me how to make the trdemark symbols??? ® and ©
    1 matches comment 1. The characters surely indicate this logo is based on a typeface. But it is an old logo, from long before there was digitized type and not all - far not all - older typefaces have been digitized. This one I could not find. Nor in the dungeons nor out there. So the chance that it is here or there as a digital type is - let's say - minimal. 2. to your sig; they are fast in swinging from tree to tree so they stayed out of reach of the claws of the Kat - untill now that is.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know where I can find NAVY rating symbols? I need them to do some engraving on my ship. :confused:
    1 matches comment I have been able to find all sorts of dingbat/symbols sets of female silhouettes (mostly by Darrin). Does any one know where to find male silhouettes? Thanks in advance, Bill
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font a friend of mine told me about, it has various symbols for bands and other stuuf such as AC/DC Metallica, the Parental Advisory thing and other such symbols, please help me find it, Thx.
    1 matches comment Aloha: A while ago i used an oriental symbol for dog. It was square in shape and red on black with the letter(s) being red. For the life of me I can't find it anywhere (of course I forgot where it resides). Would someone help me in locating fonts and or characters or symbols (I'm not sure you could really call it a font cause i haven't seen it in any of the sites i've visited for the past few hours). Mahalo, Jeff... :confused:
    1 matches comment I stared at this one and thought what's the name of that tree what's the name of that bird etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
    1 matches comment Iâ??m an amateur and desperately need a font with home, help and exit symbols. Plz help.

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    Tree Monkey Puzzle
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    Fontazia Christmas Tree
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    DF Mo Funky Fresh Symbols Plain
    LOOKAlike EF Symbols
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