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    1 matches comment ? I show you some examples: [img]http://www.partitodemocratico.it/imagesfe/logo_%20politiche2280_img.jpg[/img] ... or... [img]http://www.youdem.tv/youdem_logo.gif[/img] "PD" is for "Partito Demcratico", the italian democratic party. i am a supporter of this party and i'd like to know the name of the font of its logo! Thanks to everyone who will help me... greetings from Italy!
    1 matches comment Finally we have something to disagree on. About time. I am pretty sure the whole thing is based on a font. I even think I know the thing - it should live somewhere in my electronic alter ego. Yes. There are differences in shape. But when you look closely you will notice that the basic glyph shapes are the same. It is just severely manipulated to make the whole thing get its messy look. Not as a whole but per individual character. From which you may understand that I am not a fanatic supporter of this insult to typography. But to satisfy all I will start digging. Only some 20K+ to look at. May take me an hour - or so. I was not really looking forward to this. But, if it must be done - it is better than going to war. Have fun and ... remenber those cats. [img:0709bfc473]http://www.smilies.nl/muziek/music341.gif[/img:0709bfc473] [img:0709bfc473]http://www.smilies.nl/dieren/catmilk.gif[/img:0709bfc473] [img:0709bfc473]http://www.smilies.nl/bounce/5.gif[/img:0709bfc473] and [img:0709bfc473]http://www.dafont.org/smileys/smoke.gif[/img:0709bfc473]
    1 matches comment i am with both of my dog-loving, cat-tolerant paws for having the knowledge preserved. at least because those links pointing out the commercial fonts could generate some MUCH needed revenue. all im saying there are many many things that i am working on that have a slightly higher priority. as soon asi can i will be working on restoring and adding the old messages into this forum. it will become searchable, readable, not editable since the usernames will not be preserved. i need to add pagination to the forum index page, its own slightly more detailed search, not just on the font search page, design some robotic DNAs for my AI masters degree, work on a couple of the site projects im involved, go up north fishing, youstart getting the picture.. :) to clarify, i am a FULL supporter of open source. I was mistaken if i called the old forum open source. it was was probably the ONLY COMMERCIAL 3d party software on my Linux server, with 1000s of programs, all open source and extremely reliable, updated nightly, etc. Having 3rd party forum meant separate memberships for AF and AF Forum, that is ridiculous on its own. The list of reasons goes on. all said, the forum history is moving up in priority, that is for sure.
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