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    2 matches comment Of course, I'll have to set up a server when I decide to learn it! :) I shouldn't be having any trouble with this, if I install on Windows. I was never able to find out where mySQL was installed on Linux, a few months back, so I had to set it up on Windows! :) Let's see... I have Apache Webserver for Windows, mySQL 3.23 for Windows, and will have to download the PHP stuff from that site. What else will I need to set it up? This is enough, I guess. But will read the manuals later!
    2 matches comment You are right even with the Juan and Donovan jerseys. I was looking at another image that was based on a vector drawing by a football fan. I got a copy of the char set of the font from FontShop and will now look for a jersey with a C, G, Q and S. $210 for the whole set or $40 for the regular is too much for me. I will have to content myself for enjoying this font from afar. A zillion thanks for the help.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #15564 Pretty sure they will. It is unique, has an extensive character set and four faces. We have seen less over there. Other thing, you still have the possibilities for a great alts set available. Go!!
    1 matches comment Hi, Does anyone know of any font set that shows on screen with all the fonts set at 90 degrees anti clockwise. So that as an example the letter Y would be lying on it's side with the top to the left. Newbie
    1 matches comment of course i can make it longer but then ppl who log in from publicly accessed computers(school, libraries, etc) might be vulnerable to malicios acts. i think it is set to 15 minutes right now... ill try to set it to 30 mins thanks utes!
    1 matches comment It looks to me like this font is a not a real font set, but rather someone extended it a bit for the sake of the logotype. Yet, I can't find a font set that matches all of the letter points. Help?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #15228 Please complete the character set before submitting your fonts. I will not approve any fonts that don't have a full character set (at least a-z).
    1 matches comment i am planning on adding another tab with "Manage Font Sets" there you will be able to save your current installed fonts as a "Font Set" for future use and add remove fonts or load another font set that you have created/saved earlier. you know what i mean here? ;) what do you think of that idea?
    1 matches comment Since I'm new in the putering world, and also have a brand new computer, I wondered if it was perhaps my browser settings, or a glitch in the site, but when I click on the (character set) nothing happens...and in the bar at the bottom of the page it says java script, return false. Does anyone know if it is me, my pc, or the site? thanks for helping. goober jean
    2 matches comment Hi Guys, Can you please help me identify this font? Thank you in advance!

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    Janda Someone Like You Set
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    KG Love You Through It Set
    P22 Albion Set
    Dharma Gothic Expanded Set
    Zephyr Set
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    Old Harold Ree Set
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    P22 Mayflower Set
    Dharma Gothic Condensed Set
    CA Wolkenfluff-Set
    Penn Set
    Yngreena Set
    LP Baroque Set
    Rundigsburg Set
    Cherrit Small Capitals Set
    Greek Font Set #1
    Greek Font Set #2
    1689 Almanach Italic Set
    P22 Akebono Set
    P22 Bramble Set
    P22 1722 Set
    P22 Cigno Set
    P22 Dearest Set
    P22 Telegdi Set
    Dharma Gothic Basic Set
    Rama Gothic Basic Set
    Rama Gothic Expanded Set
    KG Like A Skyscraper Set
    Superbastone Bold Set
    Yngreena Alternate Set
    Superbastone Light Set
    Superbastone Regular Set
    Kinescope & Snicker Set
    Wyoming Macroni Set
    Wyoming Spaghetti Set
    Kinescope & Snicker Set
    Wombat Basic Set
    Dharma Slab Basic Set
    Dharma Slab Expanded Set
    Rama Gothic Condensed Set
    Rama Slab Basic Set
    Rama Slab Expanded Set
    Amy Set
    Love Ya Like A Sister Set
    Myhota Set
    Youbee Set
    AE Western Classics Type Set 1
    Janda Sparkle And Shine Set
    CA Play-Set
    Jennerik Set
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    Tuskcandy Set
    Dharma Slab Condensed Set
    Rama Slab Condensed Set
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    P22 Plymouth Set
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    Bookmania Bold Set
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    Lab Sans Deluxe Set
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    Throw My Hands Up in the Air Set
    Bookmania Black Set
    Bookmania Italic Set
    Bookmania Light Set
    Bookmania Regular Set
    Bookmania Semibold Set
    Metallophile Sp 8 Light Set
    Metallophile Sp 8 Medium Set
    1859 Solferino Set

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