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    2 matches comment The Leadinf edge is a little thin, I am using there logo along with the straight text or I might just use the one you did so they look the same. Thanks for all your help!!!!
    4 matches comment Can anyone tell me if there is a font like abbeyline that has smooth edges?
    1 matches comment Funny you should say that 'bob istheowl' I did that in the end, I didn't straight of cos I thought my email would sit in there inbox for a few weeks. However they got back to me straight away to say it was a modified version of Champion. So thanks for your replies, search over.
    1 matches comment Something like this? http://koeiekat.com/felix_megion/allcaps.ttf You must make new images that are not anti-aliased, thus complete black and white. Also, make your lines more straight where they have to be straight. For example the W. But not only the W! Make your images the same height and correct the U.
    1 matches comment I have never managed to exactly match this seemingly popular font, commonly found on boxing posters. I've come close but the uppercase 'S' and 'R' are never both as they appear in 'PRESLEY'. Either The R will be the same but the S will have corners where it curves, or the S will be the same but the R will have a straight right leg. I have included a couple of other examples, other key features include straight vertical stems on Gs Cs and Os I've used all the tools available such as identifont whatthefont etc. and I can't seem to lock it down. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thankyou for your time.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Does anyone know of a free dingbat set that has borders that resemble the scalloped edge of old photographs? Also looking for the corner points that they used to stick photos in a photo album.
    1 matches comment Oh crud. :( Thanks for the answer... That page for some reason isn't opening up for me.. But the price is probably dearer than I can manage now anyway. Maybe I can get my husband to jury rig a cable to be able to pull my fonts off the old dying hard drive... But on the other hand, If that font is now only available for pay, I might not should be using it anyway... I don't know under what license I found it before, but I sure thought I'd wiped out any 'non-commercial allowed' fonts out, except for a few that I was given permission to use. (texas and texas2 for instance.. another couple fonts I'm currently missing... but I emailed the 'iconian' who created them requesting his webpage address so I could re-download) Koeiekat, do you know of a free similar font then, so I can redo it? I liked the clean and simple look, but not too simple, with wide enough lettering to add the fill into without it looking TOO busy, best as I remember, is why I chose this one. {and in case you're wondering why I worked in both raster AND vector... When I just used the "fill" in vector, the pattern did not go straight across... by filling a raster selection of the font (enlarged by a couple pixels so the edge was invisible) it had a much cleaner look.}
    3 matches comment Actually the font is Didot. If you look close enough you'll find that the "e"s differ. In Bodoni the e has a straight line on the inner curve. also the the "x" is thinner. Also, the clincher, the a in Bodoni curves out, while in Didot it curves in!!
    1 matches comment Yeah! Something like that! Maybe with the perforation around the edge of the letters themselves, but that is a really good start. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    1 matches comment Hi , maybe a straight forward one but need to know any help please ?

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