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    1 matches comment Looks like Stop with an additional stencil-line, if you know what I mean.
    1 matches comment The techy looking font above for EMKAY is Stop, »Life« looks like a slanted Eurostile.
    1 matches comment You could try Stop in the URW-version as a substitute. Looks similar and has the CE-letterset, but no cyrillics.
    1 matches comment The original creator seems to be Aldo Novarese. His famous typeface Stop was … ahem … at best the godfather of Galactican. But I personally believe Galactican is a ripoff and I recommed to use the original.
    1 matches comment Stop searching! ;) or Babylon Industrial
    2 matches comment I have it enabled. Those I bookmarked before the site changed, AND on IE at that. I'm just going to stop using Firefix. *twitch*
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13537 See, we stop at nothing trying to make you happy ...
    1 matches comment So now you know Heron, when singapore girls want something they stop at nothing.
    1 matches comment ITC indicates that its by Linotype and is commercial ($24) i cant stop someone emailing it to though, of course ;)
    1 matches comment And that's exactly why we keep doing this. One day or another it will dawn upon him/her/it that he/she/it has to buy the thing, or ask us to - please - stop this. NEXT ...

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