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    1 matches comment Okay folkes, its about time you told me where I can get pop star inspired fonts from, i.e the Enya and Erasure one, (which I already downloaded from this spiffing site) so be on the look out for them who ever finds the most first, wins the star prize :-D
    3 matches comment Carlie Patterson loves Twinkle Star ROB. Sure!
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font (or a high resolution scan) of the star of life. If you don't know what I'm talking about I've included a picture. Any help would be appreciated!
    1 matches comment ? as title im after a heavy/bold font that instead of a circle has a star in the centre of the capital A
    3 matches comment Thanks, koeiekat Well, I have many now and probably will be tasting more later. Some are PD but e.g.: SLING Copyright (c)1994 STAR Retrieval Systems. All Rights Reserved. GRANTHAM (C) Copyright PJL 1996. Also there are others I haven't even tested for design yet because of they're copyright.
    1 matches comment OK Jessica. First, I have deleted your AGAIN double post. You must absolutely not do that. Second, 200 is indeed a bit on the high side for just a kids invitation. So, as appreciation for your response, there are 2 alternatives: the DTC Flare Gothic Bold and the FlaviusHeavy Bold that once came with the free Star Office package from Star Division GmbH. (bought by Sun and now available as Open Office - THE free alternative for MS Office).
    2 matches comment Did you notice that little star behind my name?
    2 matches comment anyone know what font this is please help ive been looking for ages thanks in adv
    2 matches comment Relex. We aren't there all day. Your Moon Star is free.
    2 matches comment you are such a star koeiekat ;o) woo a demo to try out first, this is fab, considering am in the process of a new site redesign too, yaay ;o) I thank you ::bows::

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    Star Plus Multiply external .

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    Star Rough
    CCRed Star-Italic
    CCRed Star-Regular
    Bethlehem Star
    Star Assortment
    Star Crystals
    CCRed Star-Bold Italic
    Five Star Final Normal
    Twinkle Star ROB
    Moon Star Soul
    Red Star Line NF
    Tru Star Imperial
    Red Star-Intl Complete Family Pack
    Red Star Complete Family Pack
    Star Cyrstals
    DF Star Gothic™ Japanese W 12
    Nerdropol Star
    Rukyltronic Star
    Zerbydoo Star
    Twinkle Star ROB
    Bulltoad Star
    Butterfool Star
    Paltime Star
    Revenue Star
    Tag Star Hardcore
    Tru Star Imperial Regular
    Altemus Stars One
    Moon Star Soul Regular
    Assortment Star
    USF Stars A
    USF Stars Volume
    Star Multilingual Regular
    Paltime Star
    Revenue Star
    TagStarHardcore Star
    Star Cyrillic Regular
    Bulltoad Star Regular
    Mona Font Star
    Type Tile Star
    Star Cyrillic Rough
    Type Tile Star Alt
    Type Tile Star Big
    Neuland® Star Regular
    Altemus Stars Set
    Pinback Regular
    Asterisp Epsilon
    Linotype Submerge™ One Oblique
    Linotype Submerge™ One Regular
    Argonautica Outlined
    Argonautica Regular
    Argonautica Serif
    Argonautica Simple
    Argonautica Volume
    Asterisp Alpha
    Asterisp Beta
    Asterisp Delta
    Asterisp Eta
    Asterisp Gamma
    Asterisp Iota
    Asterisp Theta
    Asterisp Zeta
    Quara Regular
    Argonautica Closed Regular
    Argonautica Outlined Closed
    Altemus Sampler Set
    Logan™ Regular
    Nerdropol Circle
    Nerdropol Grid
    Nerdropol Lattice
    Nerdropol Mesh
    Nerdropol Network
    Nerdropol Regular
    Nerdropol Screen
    Rukyltronic Circle
    Rukyltronic Grid
    Rukyltronic Lattice
    Rukyltronic Mesh
    Rukyltronic Network
    Rukyltronic Regular
    Rukyltronic Screen
    Zerbydoo Circle
    Zerbydoo Grid
    Zerbydoo Lattice
    Zerbydoo Mesh
    Zerbydoo Network
    Zerbydoo Regular
    Zerbydoo Screen
    Space Colony Medium
    Space Colony Regular
    Space Colony SemiBold
    Space Colony UltraLight
    Space Colony Bold
    Space Colony Light
    P22 Cusp Set
    Dave Gibbons Volume
    Geom Graphic Regular
    Geom Graphic SemiBold
    Dave Gibbons-Intl Volume
    Thats All Folks Complete Family Pack

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