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    22 matches comment view details for free font #13909 Sorry, uploaded Kirk's font by accident....
    20 matches comment view details for free font #12545 For the fun of it and because MissJax really, really wanted this thingie. For monograms, so caps only!!
    12 matches comment view details for free font #14155 Fuzzy
    11 matches comment view details for free font #14150 Death Metal!
    11 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15139 AgKaulitzHolmanSixx
    11 matches comment view details for free font #12750 John Lennon's handwriting and drawings
    12 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #14102 Okay, nothing personal here, actually - it is personal, because I don't know many colleagues - type designers. I love Oksana, but I really see a great room for improvement in spacing/kerning. Maybe the default spacing is too tight, plus you need to work on kerning issues as well (well, if you in a pursuit of perfection. Kerning takes long time and it's a pain in the ass) The pic shows the current spacing/kerning at the top and my view of spacing on the bottom. Thanks for your time.
    11 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #14101 Based on my real handwriting he he
    10 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #14444 Happy Phantom
    9 matches comment view details for free font #14158 YES!! Take it out!

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    PT Earchquake Cyrillic + Western Normal
    PT Lightning Cyrillic + Western Normal
    Brusque Cyrillic and Western Normal
    Spaghetti Western NF
    Country Western
    Country Western SC
    Cowboy Western
    Good Western
    Great Western
    Lonestar Western
    Spaghetti Western
    Western Americana
    Western Dressing
    Western Sky
    Ironhorse™ Normal
    Ironrider™ Normal
    Western Stencil EF
    Country Western Black
    Country Western Black SC
    Country Western Fill
    Country Western Italic
    Country Western Open
    Country Western SC Fill
    Country Western SC Open
    Western Block JNL
    Western Sky Lariat
    Western Stencil AI-Regular
    Western Stencil AI-Rough
    Western Americana
    Western Stencil EF Rough
    Archive Western Iron
    Country Western Script
    Country Western Swing
    Country Western Swing SC
    Speedball Western Letters
    Speedball Western Letters 3D
    Country Western Italic Fill
    Country Western Italic Open
    Western Adventure JNL-Regular
    Western Block Oblique JNL
    Western Railway JNL-Regular
    Country Western Swing
    AE Western Classics Type Set 1
    Western Classics Type Set 1
    Country Western Script Black
    Country Western Script Fill
    Country Western Script Open
    Country Western Swing Black
    Country Western Swing Black SC
    Country Western Swing Fill
    Country Western Swing Open
    Country Western Swing SC Fill
    Country Western Swing SC Open
    Speedball Western Letters Compressed
    Speedball Western Letters Expanded
    Speedball Western Letters Shadow
    CA Normal Bold
    CA Normal Heavy
    CA Normal Italic
    CA Normal Light
    CA Normal Medium
    CA Normal Regular
    Country Western Black
    Country Western Open
    Great Western Regular
    Western Sky Lariat
    Western Sky Regular
    Country Western Script
    Good Western Regular
    Country Western Complete Family Pack
    EF Western Stencil Regular
    CA Normal Bold Italic
    CA Normal Heavy Italic
    CA Normal Left Bold
    CA Normal Left Heavy
    CA Normal Left Light
    CA Normal Left Medium
    CA Normal Left Regular
    CA Normal Light Italic
    CA Normal Medium Italic
    EF Western Stencil Regular Rough
    Courier Western Regular
    Le Be MF Normal
    May One MF Normal
    OCR One Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Dust Western
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Book
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Heavy
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Ariergard Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Bublik Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Medium
    Gvardia Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Regular
    Rossika Cyrillic and Western Volume
    Circus Didot Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Lonestar Western
    Baker Signet Cyrillic + Western
    Bublik Cyrillic + Western Black
    Bublik Cyrillic + Western Bold

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