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    5 matches comment When URW packaged it years ago - they gave it a name of Aritus - and they made AritusD-Bold and AritusD-ExtraBold as well as the AritusD-Regular. The only font I know named Brochure was a font that was a ripoff of Book Jacket - another nice face...
    1 matches comment Custom made as all sports logos. But try your luck and start digging in the sports dept.
    4 matches comment greek week is Crown Title. For 2008 shop around in the sports dept.
    1 matches comment Also look in the sports category: http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/61/Sports
    1 matches comment I have come across quite a few fonts here that deserve to be included/cross-referenced in the Sports category. A small list: Athletic College Cowboys Go Long (possible) Ivy League Mandatory (possible) My Puma Pakenham (possible) Porn Star Academy Princetown Raiders Sport Spirit AF Team Spirit Viking Stencil URWWOODTypD The "possibles" are there because they are quite similar to fonts used for name lettering on soccer jerseys. There's also some stylized scripts that are definitely used for baseball uniforms (Marketing Script and Ballpark, for one) I hope this helps to expand the Sports category for everyone. cheers!
    2 matches comment Cheers mate, it is that DS Nova type. Must have overlooked it when searching this site. I think those indents were done manually, as it is only used on the title. The script font, well the image is a picture from a jacket and the font you see there is an embroidery so that could explain why it's so 'messy'.
    3 matches comment why, the very site in which we are currently conversing, i believe! do a search for any of those or look in category: square, heavy, industrial on that note, perhaps a Sports category should be included here?
    2 matches comment ? In the past September, we saw the worldwide release of FIFA 16 which is the most successful sports video game series of FIFA Coins all time. It is the first game in the series to include female players and even features USA's World Cup winner, Alex Morgan, as the US cover star. The biggest gameplay advancements heralded by EA this year are 'Interception Intelligence' to improve the anticipation of AI and 'No Touch Dribbling' to improve on-the-ball control. As is almost always the case with FIFA, it is widely considered that not much has changed from the previous version. FIFA has been the most sophisticated sports simulation on the market for a number of years and only requires small refinements fifa 16 coins to ensure another year's entertainment. That said, there has been a very significant development and it really is something to get excited about. This is absolutely massive for buy fifa coins anybody who plays the game competitively. In my experience, even the casual player thinks they are Messi incarnate when they take to the virtual field, and now is the chance to prove it. FIWC is finally coming to Xbox One. cheap fifa coins
    1 matches comment Try the Sports-Department here. Or everything along the line of Machine.
    2 matches comment In the sports dept. look for MLB ...

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    Book Jacket
    Book Jacket SC
    Book Jacket Alts
    Book Jacket Pro
    Book Jacket Swash
    Record Jacket JNL
    Sports Wave
    Polytype Sports I
    Polytype Sports II
    Polytype Sports IV
    Polytype Sports V
    Polytype Sports VI
    Altemus Sports
    Altemus Sports Two
    Octin Sports Black
    Octin Sports Bold
    Octin Sports Book
    Octin Sports Heavy
    Octin Sports Light
    Octin Sports Regular
    Octin Sports SemiBold
    Polytype Sports III
    Polytype Sports
    Altemus Sports Two
    Octin Sports Black
    Octin Sports Bold
    Octin Sports Book
    Octin Sports Heavy
    Octin Sports Light
    Octin Sports Regular
    Octin Sports Semibold
    Altemus Sports One
    Polytype Sports Five
    Polytype Sports Four
    Polytype Sports One
    Polytype Sports Six
    Polytype Sports Three
    Polytype Sports Two
    Altemus Sports Complete Family Pack
    Book Jacket SC
    Book Jacket Regular
    Book Jacket Swash
    Book Jacket Volume
    Octin Sports Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Games & Sports Set
    Dohrma Inline
    Dohrma Italic
    Dohrma Outline
    Dohrma Regular
    Dohrma Complete Family Pack
    Catseye Bold
    Catseye Medium
    Catseye Narrow Narrow
    Catseye Volume
    Custard Regular
    Custard Condensed
    Catseye Bold Italic
    Catseye Medium Italic
    Catseye Narrow Volume
    Catseye Narrow Narrow Italic
    Catseye Complete Family Pack
    Custard Complete Family Pack
    Neustadt SemiBold
    Neustadt Regular
    B-52 Italic
    B-52 Shadow
    Neustadt Light
    Neustadt Volume
    Display University Display
    B-52 Complete Family Pack
    B-52 Regular
    Stanford Regular
    Walken Clean Regular
    Walken Crisp Regular
    Sports™ 3
    Games & Sports™ 1
    Games & Sports™ 3
    Games & Sports™ 4
    Walken Hard Regular
    Sports™ 1
    Sports™ 2
    Sports™ 4
    Walken Complete Family Pack
    Special Forces Italic
    Special Forces Regular
    Numbers Collection Value Pack
    Special Forces Complete Family Pack
    Bowling Regular
    Sport Numbers Regular

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