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    1 matches comment Can anyone identify this font from a now discontinued cable channel called the "Prevue Channel"? Anything even close to this font will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
    5 matches comment uploaded image Please, help me!!! Which font are these?
    3 matches comment The font used for the buttons is the Manzanita. Note: The thing is known as Manzanita.ttf and Manzanita .ttf (notice the space before .ttf) The version without the space renders badly. It is also known as RSManzanita. All versions are widely available but not [yet] here. Wake up Alex.
    2 matches comment hey i found Space font! it's located here it's $24. But seriously, you just cant ask for something like that if you like AF...
    1 matches comment Space Invaders Site! From the link above. The top right, Black and White, Space Invaders Logo is the font I'm looking for and need by Thursday of this week. (It's Monday.) Any help greatly appriciated.
    1 matches comment I had the same feeling when I looked at the two s's Ivan. But it looked so familiar that I gave it a try. I think it is hand traced from the Space Toaster ("created by Chank Diesel in 1995 as a custom font for the Cartoon Network's "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" web site". Monotype claims the copyright since 1998) and slightly modified by Mike Hind, Stickfonts, 1998 as Space Up Yer Life. Looks like the Space Toaster was used for the K, the s and y and the Space Up Yer Life for the T. [img]http://koeiekat.com/images/kotsys.png[/img]
    1 matches comment I'm woundering what the names of these fonts are? http://www.space-readyroom.de/images/GraphicsManual2_jpg.jpg they are the font's used in the show, Space: Above and Beyond. Thanks for your help
    1 matches comment No match. Space up yer life is somewhat similar, as is Brickhouse.
    1 matches comment uploaded image What a difference a space can make. You are right - of course you are ;) - Visual Graphics Corporation, 1972, designer U. Suess. Later ICG 1992. So I guess what happened is that Corel bought a licence from ICG, digitized it and bundled it with Corel Draw as the Brochure. Then later someone renamed Brochure back to Book Jacket - with a space. Thanks.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Adding some distinction yet maintaining authority? How about one of my favorites; the Optima? Edit: To match your current logo [img]http://www.cfs-fire.co.uk/templates/rhuk_solarflare_ii/images/header_short.jpg[/img] I have used Optima Bold, kerning set at 300 except for e[space]&[space] which have a kerning of 100.

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    Channel Slanted 1
    Channel Slanted 2
    Channel Left Slanted
    Channel Surfing JNL
    Channel Family
    Quad-Channel Four
    Quad-Channel One
    Quad-Channel Three
    Quad-Channel Two
    Space Bold
    Space Mace
    Quad Channel 2
    Quad Channel Four
    Quad Channel One
    Quad Channel Three
    Deep Space MF
    Deep Space MF 3D
    Space Cadet
    Space Cowboy
    Space Toaster
    Space Colony Medium
    Space Colony Regular
    Space Colony SemiBold
    Space Colony UltraLight
    Space Colony Bold
    Space Colony Light
    Deep Space Black
    Deep Space Light
    Deep Space MF Black
    Deep Space MF Bold
    Organic Space Bold
    Organic Space Medium
    Organic Space Normal
    Space Toaster Bold
    Space Cadet
    Space Colony Complete Family Pack
    2010 Outta Space
    Deep Space Big Ball
    Deep Space Meat Ball
    Deep Space Small Ball
    Organic Space Bold Italic
    Organic Space Medium Italic
    Organic Space Normal Italic
    2010 Outta Space Icons
    Space Toaster Regular
    Deep Space 3D
    Deep Space Black
    TPG Square Space Bold
    Space Bold
    Blue Global-Out Of Space
    Chato Band Space
    Deep Space Bold
    Deep Space Medium
    Neutronica Sub Space
    Chato Band Space-Bold
    TPG Square Space Medium
    TPG Square Space Regular
    Linotype Space Balls™ Regular
    TPG Square Space Complete Family Pack
    Chato Band Space Volume
    Pinback Regular
    Linotype Submerge™ One Oblique
    Linotype Submerge™ One Regular
    Beachbuoy Bold
    Beachbuoy Light
    Beachbuoy Medium
    Quara Regular
    Courier M Bold
    Logan™ Regular
    P22 Cusp Set
    Letter Gothic L Bold
    Prestige Elite™ M Bold
    SB Modem Regular
    Beachbuoy Complete Family Pack
    Geom Graphic Regular
    Geom Graphic SemiBold
    Thats All Folks Complete Family Pack
    SB Grip Regular
    Courier M Bold Oblique
    Geom Graphic Bold
    Letter Gothic L Bold Italic
    Quartz Mono Regular
    Eurostile® Candy Bold
    URW Courier M Volume
    Geom Graphic Regular Italic
    Geom Graphic SemiBold Italic
    SB Vibe Complete Family Pack
    Prestige Elite™ M Bold Oblique
    Geom Graphic Bold Italic
    Geom Graphic Light Italic
    P22 Durer Caps
    URW Letter Gothic L Volume
    OCR B Letterpress M Regular
    P22 Alpha Roman
    Galaxy Run™ Regular
    SB Tokyo Complete Family Pack
    SB Byte Complete Family Pack
    Eurostile® Candy Complete Family Pack

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