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    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15402 Blush Bear waves Hello...
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11551 Great font! I make a lot of movie posters and have to cheat this great font with some missing credits! We desperately need "sound recording", "sound design by" and yeah, "starring" among others... ;) Thanks!
    1 matches comment Hi - Desperately seeking a font that will pass off as the sound of music font. Looking forward to replies asap! Alloja
    1 matches comment This screenshot I tool from Godzilla movie. This font I have seen in many movies. Please help me identify this font. Also usually this font is usually accompanied by electronic sound does someone have the sound clip also?
    1 matches comment It always pays to have a look at the ReadME-Files. At Australian Sunset it says: "created from font called 'Bog Standard', aslo by Gemfonts but not yet available to general public". But that was 1998. So GemFonts have had published the Bog Standard. It is the plain font without the waves and lines. Have fun.
    1 matches comment Hello, I am looking for the font that was used during the title sequence of the Robert Wise movie "The Sound of Music" The font was sort of like a handwritten font but it was a very unique design. I hope someone can help me out there. I have included a screen grab from the movie title sequence. Thanks!
    1 matches comment great! glad i could help... and you sound much nicer as well have a good one
    1 matches comment Vaguely - is Gary one of them? Or can someone help and spell this out? :-) Sorry to sound so dense.
    1 matches comment i have fixed the problem.. sorry for the delay, webmasters go on vacations too! ( i know, it does sound crazy ) :D
    2 matches comment kat is back! :o identifont doesnt do all that great of a job i am afraid and your eyes and memory start failing when you have to do it for 9,300 wacky fonts like AF has. What i am planning on writing is using whole bit of AI to do the thinking and memorizing for you, from a provided image. This will also be handy for things like "here is a pic of a font i like, give me 30 from this site that are similar". Doesnt that sound handy?

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