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    14 matches comment is there such a thing?
    9 matches comment I am trying to find the font that is used by Stahls' Transfer Express called Soccer. I've found similar stuff, but I'd like to try to get this exact font. Thanks for any help!
    9 matches comment ? Hi i've been looking for the mexican Jersey numbers font for Germany 2006. Can anybody help me for id it. I've post a link where u can see Rafa Marquez Jersey. I would like o find both, the number a the name font.
    4 matches comment I need the italian soccer team font to print it on my t shirt, anyone know it name? or some sample i need the numbers 0 to 9 and if possible, the alphabet. i'll apreciate any answer.. thanks i attach a pic with a sample t shirt You can e mail me at hepl2000@hotmail.com (copy and paste)
    4 matches comment Hi everyone, does anyone know the fonts for the names n the numbers of the jersey? urgent~ can anyone send me the fonts type?
    2 matches comment ? I want to identify many number fonts used in soccer jersey. It's easy to post pictures and ask for help but I would like to learn how to do it on my own. Can you recommend any tool ? I saw identifont by appearance, but they ask many questions about letters and I have only numbers.
    3 matches comment Hi, I am looking for which font is used on both the name AND number of this Argentina home football (soccer) jersey. I believe the name is an ITC Bauhaus variation and the number is similar to Pump Triline, but I do not know which exact font it is (for both). I need to find the font so I can use it on my soccer team's jerseys. Thanks!
    6 matches comment I would like to request for a website where i could find the new Argentina, Germany, France & Portugal team jersey fonts.. or you could give me some.. thanks in advance.. http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/images/product/xlarge/ArgHSSNo18_0708b.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_GermanyHomeJersey_Ballack_5.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_MexicoAwayJersey_2008-2009_R.Marquez_1.jpg
    4 matches comment These numbers are used on the NFL team Baltimore Ravens.
    3 matches comment can some one tell me the name of the font that will give me the same numbers as above.

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    DB Girly Soccer
    LD Soccer Mom
    Pixeluxe Soccer
    Numbers Decorative1
    Circle Numbers MF
    Diamond Numbers MF
    Living By Numbers
    Sport Numbers
    Square Numbers MF
    Numbers Collection Value Pack
    Shelf Numbers JNL
    Bullet Numbers Copperplate Neg
    Bullet Numbers Copperplate Pos
    Bullet Numbers My Script Neg
    Bullet Numbers My Script Pos
    Bullet Numbers Sans Neg
    Bullet Numbers Sans Pos
    Numbers Style One-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style One-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style One-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style One-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style One-Square Negative
    Numbers Style One-Square Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Square Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Square Positive
    Bullet Numbers Bodoni Cond Neg
    Bullet Numbers Bodoni Cond Pos
    Liteweit Numbers
    Ursula Handschrift By Letters&Numbers
    Numbers Style One
    Numbers Style Three
    Numbers Style Two
    Sport Numbers Regular
    Bullet Numbers 8cuts complete
    Caard Large Numbers
    Factory Lining Numbers
    FF Dingbats 2.0 Numbers
    Liteweit™ Numbers
    Label Gun Numbers
    Label Gun™ Numbers
    Factory Light Lining Numbers
    Jude Black Lining Numbers
    Jude Bold Lining Numbers
    Jude Light Lining Numbers
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    Living by Numbers Regular
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    Label Gun Numbers Oblique
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    Numbers4 Shadow
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    Numbers5 Shadow
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    Brush Stroke
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    Habana Vieja

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