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    22 matches comment I posted a previous thread with no pictures, this one has pics. I would like the font to be like Suicide Silence or The Black Dahlia Murder thanks.
    11 matches comment view details for free font #14150 Death Metal!
    4 matches comment Hi there, I'm recreating the poster for 'Dead Man's Shoes' for a college project and ideally want to do everything from scratch, so the font would be useful! Thanks in advance!
    7 matches comment uploaded image It can be found on many band's logo's, there are quite a few variations but they all seem to be focused around the same font. It is used on logo's of bands such as Ingested (http://www.myspace.com/ingesteduk), Aborted (http://www.myspace.com/abortedmetal) and Diskreet (http://www.myspace.com/diskreet). If anyone identifies it, please post link to download. Cheers.
    2 matches comment Hi, I've been looking everywhere for the font used in the title of the Dawn Of The Dead movie posters and video covers but haven't had any luck. There is a 2004 remake and the font for that keeps popping up, but I can't locate this one. Can anyone help? Thanks
    2 matches comment Hey, I'm looking for a thick death metal font (something that would be used on a death metal band's album cover). It needs to be thick so I can make a blood patteren out of it. I want something like Zombie Holocaust, but I don't want zombie holocaust. Thanks!
    2 matches comment The subject line pretty much says it all. I have searched every place known to me without any luck. Hopefully someone here might be able to assist me. I need to know the typeface and/or font for the xbox game Dead Or Alive 3, later released in the same series seem to have the same font but I have yet to be able to track down what font it is?
    4 matches comment ? view details for free font #13514 gimana cara buat nya gan??
    2 matches comment Looking for font to match the text in the "Night of the Living Dead" poster.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11616 thaxx a lot for this fonts mam i was looking for it a long time a go. i hop you upload more black metal fonts thank you.. and Keep on the Good Work. \m/.....\m/

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    Display Brutal Regular
    Dead Rite PB
    Dead Ringer BB
    Display Brutal Regular
    Dead Mule-Canyon
    Dead Mule-Grande
    Dead Mule-West
    Dead Ringer BB Italic
    Dead Zone Bold
    Dead Zone Medium
    Dead Zone Oblique
    Dead Zone Regular
    Metal Lord
    ABTS Day of the Dead
    Dead Wood Rustic
    FT Dead Mans Diary
    Dead Zone Bold Oblique
    Dead Zone Medium Oblique
    Dead Mans Complete Family Pack
    ABTS Day of the Dead Symbols
    FT Dead Mans Diary Messy
    Dead Mule Canyon
    Dead Mule Grande
    Dead Mule Volume
    Dead Mule West
    Lower Metal Shadow
    OL Heavy Metal Grecian
    Dead Wood Rustic Regular
    Metal Lord Regular
    Lower Metal Shadow
    Dead Zone™ Bold
    Dead Zone™ Medium
    Dead Zone™ Oblique
    Dead Zone™ Regular
    FT Dead Mans Diary Regular
    FT Dead Mans Diary Messy
    Dead Zone™ Bold Oblique
    Dead Zone™ Medium Oblique
    Dead Ringer BB Complete Family Pack
    Aerotype Hot Metal Originals
    Dead Zone™ Complete Family Pack
    PF Stamps Pro Metal
    P22 Day of the Dead Complete Family Pack
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut Neg
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut Negative
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut Negative
    BAQ Metal Regular
    Fat Sally
    Depot Trapharet 2D Regular
    CCDead Mans-Chest
    CCDead Mans-Folly
    Okay-A Darktop
    Okay-A Gunmetal
    Okay-A Midnight
    Okay-A Package
    Okay-A Predrill
    Okay-A Screwtop
    Okay-A Uncut
    Cruller Regular
    Inversion Regular
    Spooky Tooth Complete Family Pack
    Mulgrave Regular
    Rockband Regular
    WILD2 Klash Family
    Pitshanger Regular
    Pitshanger Volume
    Ravenwood Regular
    Shred Regular
    P22 Dyrynk Set
    Mercurio Regular
    Mercurio Bold
    Mercurio Italic
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    Gargoyle Black
    Gargoyle Cameo
    Mercurio Bold Italic
    Rubric Cubed Deluxe Regular
    Gargoyle Complete Family Pack
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    Cashback Light
    Cashback Medium
    Lacerate Volume
    Mercury Volume
    Graveblade Regular
    Spiked Volume
    Wormwood Regular
    P22 Allyson Regular
    P22 Kilkenny Regular
    Metallophile Sp8 Light
    Metallophile Sp8 Medium
    Metallophile Sp 8 Light Set
    Metallophile Sp 8 Medium Set
    Natural Dark Regular
    Metallophile Sp 8 Light Set
    Metallophile Sp 8 Medium Set
    Metallophile Sp 8 Light + Medium Set

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