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    4 matches comment Kat - Glad to see you are alive and well... And though I am a dog person - I have one little Lucy cat in the house now...
    5 matches comment Hello, I'm trying to find a font with a tail at the end, to use it in a blog of cats. I'd like to use a rounded font, but I don't find anything. Any idea?
    2 matches comment [quote:225d50699c="alex"] the cat is of frequently migrating species, isn't she? [/quote:225d50699c] How right you are Alex (although Tom it is)! And soon this cat will migrate forever to nowhereland. If the satelite doesn't rescue me I might fade away.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi Kat how are you? Glad I managed to get it right, As normal I have had a cat helping me, Cleo helped me this time! (Photo enclosed!) She was a stray that won the cat Lottery!) Regards Gary
    1 matches comment fontDJ hence is able to go further than the transparent hints by helpful Cat and actually find a copy of the face. good dj, good cat. good,
    1 matches comment Hi Koeiekat...Thank you so much for responding to my question abut font programs. I will take a look at Altsoft's FTMaster. I will definitely try one of the two. I have Windows, so no problem with them working on my system. I look forward to getting started. I have a cat, too, and always like seeing your cat sign-off in your emails.
    1 matches comment Yes! As my name implies. Black and white and a cat. And a good cat too, as the one that feeds me says. And as in the local dialect where I come from a g at the beginning of a word is pronounced as a soft k and a d in between 2 vowels is commonly pronounced as i, it all falls together pretty quickly. Goede [goeie/good] kat plus blank and white like a koe [cow] plus local dialect for one second in the blender and out comes koeiekat. That is: me. Happy holidays.
    2 matches comment no problem, the designer should get the url as well, when possible... thank you kitty pssss-pss... a little secret... Nyx is the name... cat it is... as the name implies, almost perfect black. See, dogs allow cats in their houses...
    1 matches comment Thank you. My cat says hello to you :P
    1 matches comment ok,cat. i'm studying on it.

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