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    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello Dear friend, I have this one :-) In the The book (type style finder, ). the author (Timothy Samara) has been separated the colors and fonts theme in four classification (1) Moods (Tranquil, Friendly, Comical, Romantic, Honest, Dynamic, Refreshing, Sinister, sporty, Fragile, Psychotic, Exotic and Intuitive) (2) Concepts (Corporate, Techno, Urban, Elegant, Artificial, Multicultural, Industrial, Organic, Fantasy, Extreme, Progressive, and powerful) (3). Time+Context (Archaic, New Age, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Wild West, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Hollywood Heyday, Baby Boomer, and Counterculture) (4) Age Groups (Babies, Toddlers, Young Adults, Kids, Adults, and Seniors) This book not only explaining the typeface classification and the basic typestyle combination, but the colors psychology and then generating the color and sample of fonts. It's containing the formal details, of typeface communicate with viewers by igniting emotional responses and associations. Actually, it is not most recommended book for senior designer. But for quick guidance it is OK. You can find more book in the same kind on the internet. Thanks.
    1 matches comment Hi Alex, Kat and all.... I've been sick (allergies?) for the past few days so I didn't get a chance to respond. Thanx for letting me know about the forum...I had a different username there (Lynda V.E.) but one thing I wanted to say: I think being able to access this new forum with the same username instead of having to create another one is a good idea. I remember thinking it seemed weird that I couldn't access the forum with my member ID. Ah well. :) BTW Kat, I am very nice to cats....so nice that my mom & I adopt only rescued cats & kittens. She has 5 and I have 2. Hers were strays found near her home, mine were barn kittens. All are now healthy, happy, and very affectionate! My mom's 5 are made up of 2 sets: 3 from 1 litter, age 7 and two from another litter and mama, age 2 1/2. Mine are 6 1/2 and from a completely different area.
    2 matches comment This font is called Ghastly Panic by Sinister Visions.
    1 matches comment Hello Please search for Space Age. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment Hello Everyone - does anyone know which font this is that reads "Age of Opulance"? Any help or points in the right direction are very much apprieciated! Thanks so much
    1 matches comment This is from the movie title 'The saint strikes back', long before the age of digital typefaces. Has anything similar ever been digitized? I'm sure I've seen a similar typeface elsewhere in popular culture. Any Ideas? As always , very much appreciated.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15188 Want your own handwriting converted into a Kiddiefont, and are under the age of 13 then visit our facebook 1234 step process members price ONLY £5 http://www.facebook.com/kiddiefonts
    1 matches comment That should be Cool Air Conditioner by Fontdiner.com (scroll down a bit). The Incredible was slanted.
    1 matches comment Someone knows this Font on the bottom of the Picture? ... http://www.ultralords.de/Fotos_Fun_wars/bildsidewinder2.jpg It is also the Font of Queens of Stone Age

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