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    1 matches comment uploaded image What a difference a space can make. You are right - of course you are ;) - Visual Graphics Corporation, 1972, designer U. Suess. Later ICG 1992. So I guess what happened is that Corel bought a licence from ICG, digitized it and bundled it with Corel Draw as the Brochure. Then later someone renamed Brochure back to Book Jacket - with a space. Thanks.
    1 matches comment silly newbie-me wanted html to be listed too! but it wasn't :(
    1 matches comment silly qustion but how do i apply extra stoke?
    1 matches comment Great, glad to help. EDIT: Now I see that you are looking exactly for that, silly me. :-D Confused O with 0 ... hahaha
    1 matches comment :shock: i already got typograph from neuber and i liked that very well but im so silly that i didnt find that fontrenamer. its EXACTLY what i wanted and it works well. thx thx thx :D:D Peace.
    1 matches comment are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then how did I get the font free in the first place. I am nice to cats but....... when I was 9 I stepped on ones tail. and It shreiked. No seriously back to the fonts. It seems really silly when the flashy Innovative fonts are free but the boring plain ones arent!!! Would you happen to have it !!!koeiekat!!!
    1 matches comment Hello, Stuck trying to find a font again. Feel silly since fonts are such a large part of my work. Seems like some kind of script Papyrus. Any help finding this font would be greatly appreciated.
    1 matches comment Yes, Luke, that's right. It has to do with licencing. When your customer designs soemthing with a font and he brings the file to you when the typeface is converted into outlines it is ok. Reason: The licence for using a font is limited to CPUs. So if the customer bought a single licence, it would be illegal to share it with someone else (even if it would be for a project of the customer). Sounds silly? Hmm, well, I didn't make these laws.
    1 matches comment The blob??? Not sure really just something i had its something a lot of people have looked at asked what the reason for it. But they remember it as the secuirty company with the strange logo! :) Your right i dont waht anything to fancy or flashy or silly but the tahoma, just looks a little bit to plain. Sans serif is a little bit better but im not sure. Im really after something plain and simple but with slightly rounded text to go with the logo but still plain! Yes i can be an pain in the a*s. Cheers,
    1 matches comment Sorry Utes and Alex I just miss read and jumped to a terribly wrong conclusion i am very sorry and hope i am forgiven. I hope there are no hard fellings and that we can all go on to make this forum grow and help even more in the new comming year. Once again sorry Utes it was just me being silly I sometimes don't think but i admire all the help you have given out and am proud to have my user name next to yours in a message from Alex and hope we can become friends. Keep on fonting and may we all be blessed in the new year to come. BiG Keep on fonting :)

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