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    8 matches comment Does anyone know the font used in the Late Show logo? It's got a lot of features of the princeton and collegiate fonts, but I'm trying to find one more exact. Thanks for any help!
    4 matches comment ? Hi I am looking for a font that was used in the televison show Supernatural. Does anyone know what font was used for the Ghostfacers logo (ignoring the skull overlay) from the season three episode Ghostfacers, or whether it was created especially for the show? This is a link to the logo:http://www.supernatural.tv/gallery2/s3/ghostfacers/wmplayer%202008-04-25%2016-39-32-59.jpg
    6 matches comment Might be a good idea to pull up some of the older threads from this site, that urbanfonts copied, and show them how they looked HERE, so folks can see. Especially those with Alex posting in them, so they can see any similarities and/or changes.
    4 matches comment http://www.showear.es/es/home can anybody help me? Thanks!
    1 matches comment Sorry, no. Not until you show a sample. Frankly, even if I would have seen this show (which I haven't) I am not sure if I would have remembered the typeface you are talking about. In short: Show an image, then your chances increase immensly that you'll get an proper answer.
    2 matches comment ? I have a client who wants to change the name of their business however they want to use the same font. The person who had the business prior says they own this font. I would appreciate some help here. In kindness and grateful in advance
    2 matches comment It was an exercise show that used to air on basically in the morning. If anybody knows, it would be a great help. Thank you so much and have a great day. - Chris
    4 matches comment I tried to look for infos about Simonetta Castelli, but the only one popping up in Google is an Italian athlete. If you need it, show me some pages relating to a Simonetta Castelli involved in desktop publishing and I'll translate them for you. That's the best I can do.
    2 matches comment My mom had a sign made and wants me to make some out of wood, but she nor I can find this font and the person who made it is no longer in business. Please help me identify this font. I've tried the font finder with no success. Thank you.
    3 matches comment pls help.

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    Road Show
    Ghost Show Normal
    Horror Show Bold
    Horror Show Oblique
    Horror Show-Regular
    Horror Show Bold Oblique
    Food Show-Hot Dog
    Horror Show™ Oblique
    Horror Show™ Regular
    Business As Usual
    Horror Show™ Bold
    Horror Show™ Bold Oblique
    Business As Usual Bold
    Business As Usual Italic
    Horror Show™ Complete Family Pack
    Business As Usual Bold Italic
    Business Penmanship Regular
    Risky Business Oldstyle
    Business Icon One
    Business Icon Two
    Business & Services 1
    Business & Services 2
    Business & Services 3
    Business Icon Volume
    Risky Business Round Bold
    Risky Business Square Bold
    Risky Business Square Light
    Risky Business Square Medium
    Soho® Bold
    Soho® Compressed
    Soho® Condensed
    Soho® Heavy
    Soho® Italic
    Soho® Light
    Soho® Medium
    Soho® Regular
    Soho® Thin
    Soho® Ultra
    Zemestro™ Bold
    Zemestro™ Italic
    Zemestro™ Medium
    Zemestro™ Regular
    Camphor™ Bold
    Camphor™ Heavy
    Camphor™ Italic
    Camphor™ Light
    Camphor™ Medium
    Camphor™ Regular
    Camphor™ Thin
    Electra® Bold SC
    Electra® Roman SC
    Meridien® Bold
    Meridien® Italic
    Meridien® Medium
    Meridien® Roman
    Odense™ Compressed
    Zemestro™ Book
    Flexo Black
    Flexo Bold
    Flexo Demi
    Flexo Heavy
    Flexo Italic
    Flexo Light
    Flexo Medium
    Flexo Regular
    Flexo Thin
    Excelsior® CE Italic
    Excelsior® CE Roman
    Risky Business Square Extra Light
    Abadi® Bold
    Abadi® Condensed
    Abadi® Italic
    Abadi® Light
    Abadi® Regular
    Auto 1 package
    Auto 2 package
    Auto 3 package
    Neue Helvetica® 57 Condensed
    Soho® Bold Compressed
    Soho® Bold Condensed
    Soho® Bold Italic
    Soho® Extra Bold
    Soho® Extra Light
    Soho® Gothic Bold
    Soho® Gothic Italic
    Soho® Gothic Light
    Soho® Gothic Medium
    Soho® Gothic Regular
    Soho® Gothic Thin
    Soho® Gothic Ultra
    Soho® Heavy Compressed
    Soho® Heavy Condensed
    Soho® Heavy Italic
    Soho® Light Compressed
    Soho® Light Condensed
    Soho® Light Italic
    Soho® Medium Compressed
    Soho® Medium Condensed
    Soho® Medium Italic
    Soho® Thin Compressed

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