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    4 matches comment ? Hi. I'm looking for a font that looks similar to Chic Hand / Deco Chic. (http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/chic) Thanks much :)
    1 matches comment [img:b734a45e56]http://www.lynseyjordandesign.com/images/chic.jpg[/img:b734a45e56] What is this? I would appreciate it.
    1 matches comment That's because it's not bodoni. It's not any cut of Bodoni any style thickness or decoration. It's didot. I had to do a project on the two fonts for my graphic design two class where I wrote my reply. We had a class wide discussion on the two fonts and recreated the sex and the city logo. And the straight lines are in the inner "curve" of the "c" and "e". The y has too large of a ball at the bottom. All of the letters have too thick accents. The sex and the city logo is chic and graceful. Notice the picture on top. Everything gently transitions from thick to thin. You need to play in indesign to manipulate the axis the words float to and change the kerning but it's didot. My project was entitled "Didot in the City" So trust me when I say it's not Bodoni.

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    Yuki Lined
    Pasadena Family
    Georgia® Bold
    Georgia® Italic
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    Yuki Bold
    BAQ Rounded
    Phoenix Bold
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