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    2 matches comment I'm looking for a free mac font for Goudy. Anyone know of any source?
    1 matches comment Goudy or Goudy Old Style.
    1 matches comment Goudy Handtooled manually condensed.
    1 matches comment Goudy Handtooled
    2 matches comment It seems to have once started out in life as Goudy Bold. Let me add - that was Goudy "Old Style" Bold.
    1 matches comment Goudy or Goudy Oldstyle
    1 matches comment Well, if that suits you - it's okay. But it's a completely different typeface, the original. It has certain Goudy influence, except maybe the A's. sample
    1 matches comment Hi, very close: Sorts Mill Goudy by Barry Schwartz http://crudfactory.com/font/show/goudy Bye bye
    3 matches comment Does anyone know where I can find this font? What does the SC stand for?
    1 matches comment Goudy Heavyface.

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    Goudy Borders
    Goudy Heavyface
    Goudy 38 Bold
    Goudy 38 Book
    Goudy 38 Light
    Goudy 38 Medium
    Goudy AI Ad Weight
    Goudy AI Over Weight
    Goudy Bold
    Goudy Bold
    Goudy Italic
    Goudy Italic
    Goudy Light
    Goudy Medium
    Goudy Old Style
    Goudy Regular
    Goudy TS-Bold
    Goudy TS-Light
    Goudy TS-Medium
    Goudy TS-Regular
    Goudy TS-XBold
    Goudy Heavyface Condensed
    Goudy Catalogue
    Goudy Catalogue SC
    Goudy Fleurons
    Goudy Handtooled
    Goudy Handtooled
    Goudy Handtooled D
    Goudy Handtooled DC D
    Goudy Handtooled SC D
    Goudy Heavyface
    Goudy Heavyface
    Goudy Heavyface D
    Goudy Heavyface P
    Goudy Old Style
    Goudy Serial
    Goudy Stout CT
    Goudy Text CS
    Goudy Two Shoes
    Goudy 38 Book Italic
    Goudy 38 Extra Bold
    Goudy 38 Light Italic
    Goudy AI Heavy Weight
    Goudy Bold Italic
    Goudy Bold Italic
    Goudy Extra Bold
    Goudy Light Italic
    Goudy Medium Italic
    Goudy Old Style Bold
    Goudy Old Style Italic
    Goudy TS-Demi Bold
    Goudy Modern MTStd
    Goudy Handtooled EF
    Goudy Swash Bold Italic
    Goudy Swash Light Italic
    Goudy Swash Medium Italic
    Goudy Swash Regular Italic
    Goudy Catalogue™ Regular SC
    Goudy Catalogue DC D Regular
    Goudy Catalogue Italic
    Goudy Catalogue Regular
    Goudy Catalogue SB-Italic
    Goudy Catalogue SB-Reg
    Goudy Catalogue SH-Italic
    Goudy Catalogue SH-Reg
    Goudy Handtooled Initials D
    Goudy Handtooled SH-Reg
    Goudy Heavyface Condensed
    Goudy Heavyface D Condensed
    Goudy Heavyface Outline P
    Goudy Heavyface SB-Con
    Goudy Heavyface SB-Reg
    Goudy Heavyface SH-Con
    Goudy Heavyface SH-Reg
    Goudy Lombardy-Regular
    Goudy Old Style Bold
    Goudy Old Style Bold
    Goudy Old Style DT Bold
    Goudy Old Style DT Italic
    Goudy Old Style DT Regular
    Goudy Old Style Italic
    Goudy Old Style Italic
    Goudy Old Style Regular
    Goudy Old Style SB-Bol
    Goudy Old Style SB-Ita
    Goudy Old Style SB-Roman
    Goudy Old Style SB-XBol
    Goudy Old Style SH-Bol
    Goudy Old Style SH-Roman
    Goudy Old Style SH-XBol
    Goudy Serial Bold
    Goudy Serial Heavy
    Goudy Serial Light
    Goudy Serial Medium
    Goudy Serial Xbold
    Goudy Series Bold
    Goudy Series Light
    Goudy Series Medium
    Goudy Text MTStd

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