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    2 matches comment Hey Kirk - I think that Blog, The Impaler is really great. Very unique, and useful for interesting typography. 3-D is very in right now, as is illustrated. Lovely. Bowell Beralta is really nice, too. Santa Carla is great because I used to live in Santa Cruz and it really hits close to home. The 7th one down is completely illegible at that size.
    1 matches comment Santa Fe
    3 matches comment whats this signature font..
    3 matches comment a type designer , hide his signature in some charactor in 2 Chinese font of MS office font cab. i know some location,but how can i dig out all these secret? Is there any tools ? [img:0acc62d4f2]http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/4101/32939.gif[/img:0acc62d4f2]
    3 matches comment Hi tried Signature Regular Character map is off and zipped file signatur.ttf is not a correct ttf file http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/2523?text= ;)
    1 matches comment Could you adjust the size of your signature to something that resembles a SIGNATURE...Thank you.
    1 matches comment Once again, the cartoons are not drawn by me, but I did create the logo in my signature. I touched up, colored and shaded the full version of my avatar though... Hope you like them. :)
    1 matches comment I also need to see what font this is especially the large capital "S" they use, anyone got a vector version of his signature or a font like this? http://www.samsneadstavern.com/ thanks
    1 matches comment It also looks like Sant’Elia Script?
    1 matches comment I've surely seen it before, but I can't remember the name... if you need something similar try "Santa's Sleigh"

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