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    1 matches comment awesome! suggest... i am not recategorizing though. I had 1,200 or so categorized since i was adding them one-by-one. Then i wrote a spider which added another 8,500 fonts ;) However, it is not quite smart enough to categorize them for me too... so if you just browse tha categories you will only have about 1,500 for your disposal. If you go into the letters then you have the complete 9,700 so i still want to hear the categories since there are some 8000 to be categorized ;)
    1 matches comment I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my type design Memoir. I agree that the price is a little high compared to many font sites. Value wise I tried to make it a good deal. Most people, even many designers, don't understand the amount of work involved in a fully featured font. I designed Memoir over the course of almost 3 years. Each letter of the about 500 included, is designed to work and connect with each of the other 500. If you use OpenType savvy apps like Illustrator or InDesign, the code that I wrote will make setting it professionally much easier. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that you were not advocating piracy or getting it by illegit means. There is almost no one getting wealthy from font sales. I personally only hope to make enough quality fonts to quit my day job. Stephen
    1 matches comment FACT:- did you know that Spain has more fake €500 notes than anywhere else in Europe? Especially in Extremadura!! Many thanks for that Kat will print and use as required for the sake of the children and not having to accept dumb ass clients ever again! Regards G
    1 matches comment http://www.relentless.nu/fonts.zip that has 500 fonts within it. good luck with finding a site with better fonts and that many!
    1 matches comment yea, i would only get servers on demand.. 3 dedicated servers was a little ambitious ;) i'd start with 1 ( on top of this one with AF on it ) are you doing the hosting out of your house or collocating? Because it might even save you some money doing it out of your house. Some T1 providers even give you unlimited bandwidth!!! I am very interested in that since AF alone does 500-600 GB /month
    1 matches comment Hey i found this font but i dont know what is, This is the font [img:554ad759ed]http://fallael48.webcindario.com/solapas/LER-500.jpg[/img:554ad759ed] Please if u know say me :) Thx.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16371 • Numbers available on my web. • Free for personal use. • Commercial license available The commercial version has 500 glyphs (Latin Extended) Open Type includes functions for standard ligatures, alternate letters, old style numbers, numerators, fractions and the Greek alphabet.
    1 matches comment No, I have 2 dedicated servers with a data center in Houston. I started out reselling but that didn't work too well for me so I moved to dedicated hosting. I have aproximetly 100 clients and am not promoting as I don't have any more servers. Now that I have time to set up more I will start this all over again and hope to have 500 clients by mid 2003. Thanks, Paul
    1 matches comment can someone identify the font marvin is pointing at ("DON´T PANIC") towel day may 25 ;) [img w=500]http://ffmedia.ign.com/filmforce/image/article/579/579545/hitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxy-the-20050113043117430.jpg[/img]
    1 matches comment hmmm .. the uppercase characters are included in the font, but they are the same as the lowercase... this new version contains about 500 kerning pairs or so, but I have seen fonts that include many more than that, that* are also far more complex yet still considerably smaller in size. ... now that I think about it, 210kb is much too large a file size for such a relatively simple font as this. I'll have to do something about that before publishing the update. thanks kk. Soon I hope to update all of my fonts proper, whence I become more acquainted with my newly acquired *yay!* FontLab! So excited! :) *Even with a comma in-between, I really dislike using the same word twice in succession, apologies :P

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