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    2 matches comment Hi, guys I found this font at Samsung's new camera product They name it the "NV series" and now I'm looking for the "NV" font so....if u know or have that kind of font, plese help me cause I really need it...urgent Thank u so much guys!
    2 matches comment I desperately. want flipfonts in the style of THE BEATLES as printed on ringos drumskin for my Samsung Galaxy S android phone , Help please Thanks from davidjordan.dj93@gmail.comj
    1 matches comment i had nearly 1000 installed from random font cds. i even deleted about 400 and it still gives me the error
    1 matches comment Greetings! Hey, I have been searching for days to find a version of this font for my phone. Its a samsung galaxy s3, and it isn't rooted. Can anyone help me? I've looked into how to create and/or modify fonts, but that is just way over my head.
    1 matches comment well, there is a "bookmark" option. adding "download bookmarked" could be an option. however, i would have to put a limit on that. how about 300-400 bookmarks can be saved as a zip file? great idea Natalie!
    1 matches comment Hello I've downloaded fonts in the style's used by the Beatles but I am not sure how to use them as they always install in my app "think office" or in my photo gallery and also get stored in my external memory card from which I can't move them to use in my flip fonts for my own personal use, I'd really to use them in my SAMSUNG GALAXY S GT 19000 But I need help can you help me out with the best of all
    1 matches comment uploaded image The Lettergical isn't the same. Besides that, it cost $22. I first got my Tintagel font free. You can still find it but the only sites that have it only give a preview and information about it (you can't download it) http://fonts.goldenweb.it/index_file/l/en/d2/True_Type_Fonts/c/t/start/400/default.html Other than this site I haven't seen it.
    1 matches comment Hi Guys, I am looking for terminal emulated (monospaced font) to run IBM AS/400 Emulation for bigger screen to clear screen view. Can any1 send me any good font like Arial Monospaced font via mail. fberber@isbank.net.tr Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment yea, if you just do a search for sites containing "www.urbanfonts.com" you get almost 400 (was 472 at one point) sites that have similar phoney conversations... i guess people are removing them, since all people in some of the discussions even have the same urbanfonts.com signature. ridiculous.

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