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    1 matches comment ? Hi Everybody, I need sai embed and tamilarasi font. One of the power point not open but it show the font name in font font tab so pls post and the two fonts. Thank U In Advance
    1 matches comment This is the first time I've posted here. I REALLY want to be able to use the font called "Blazed" (by Bright Ideas) which I downloaded from this site, but apparently it has restricted licensing so that I can't embed it when I put it in a Quark document and then distill it in Adobe. I'd be happy to pay for the font to be licensed if I could only find a place to do so. Can someone PLEASE help me with this... or else suggest a font to me that I can can embed or else purchase a license to embed that will be very similar to "Blazed." I need help ASAP! Thanks!
    5 matches comment Here's something that should work, but usually doesn't. Microsoft Word gives you a number of Save As options, such as Word Document, Rich Text Format, WordPerfect document, etc. in the 'Save as type' field in the Save As dialog box. One of the options is to save the document as Web Page. If you don't use MS Word to make your web page, the program you use may offer this option as well. Saving an MS Word document as Web page creates an html document and a file folder which will contain any graphics which have been inserted into the document. This is very similar to what happens when you save a web page from the Internet. In MS Word, go to Tools in the Menu Bar. Select Options.... from the drop down list. Select the Save tab in the Options dialog box. Check the boxes for Embed True Type fonts and Embed characters in use only. Click OK to close the document, and save the document. For this to work, the font you're using must have embedding features enabled. This feature is determined by the font designer, but can be modified with some font making/editing programs. For example, I can change embedding settings with FontLab Studio5, but not with ScanFont. The font being embedded must always be installed on the computer you're using to make the document. If you create a document with an embedded font, don't uninstall that font, because that can affect not only the document you've made, but also any other documents on your computer that have the same font embedded. It can also affect the font itself, and any copies of that font that are on your computer.- None of the character glyphs will appear when you open that font in preview! This also happens if you rename a font that has already been installed. As far as I could tell, the only way to restore the font is to delete all copies on your computer, delete any documents which have the font embedded, and reacquire the font from wherever you got it in the first place. I have used this procedure to attempt to embed fonts, and it has worked succcessfully once, with a font called 24hourbauer. I've also caused myself a lot of grief by trying to do this with other fonts, even ones I've made myself, where I have personally set the embedding paramenters. It's also possible that this works properly for any embedible font, provided that all features of MS Word have been properly installed. I don't wan't to test that feature badly enough to uninstall/reinstall MS Word, just to test embedding. If you do want to try this, I recommend you do the following: 1) Before starting, send yourself an e-mail, with the font you want to use as an attachment. That way, you can retrieve it later, if other copies become corrupted. 2) Make sure you know where every copy of that font is on your computer, either installed, in a .zip, or in another folder. This includes copies which have the same font name in the header, but don't have the same file name, ie: You download a font named ASQRDBD_.TTF, and rename it to match the title given to the font by the author Both will be corrupted. 3) Create the document, and enable the embedding features. 4) E-mail the document with embedding to someone else, or to yourself, for the purpose of viewing it on another computer which does not have the font installed, to see if the embedding worked. The second computer used to check embedding is not at risk. Either the embedded characters will appear corrrectly, or MS Word will use a default font like Times New Roman or, in some cases, Fixedsys. I make fonts, and have experimewnted with embedding, but I gave up on it when it corruped some of my fonts. This was a big problem when I was making new fonts. I often make multiple versions of a font with the same name, to see if the glyphs need additional editing. If I install version 1.0 of my font, embed 1.0 in a document, uninstall 1.0, then create and install version 1.1, I run the risk of having all versions of 1.0 and 1.1 corrupted. So the key things in this are: 1) Don't Uninstall a font which has been used in any ambedded document on your computer. 2) Test the embedding by viewing the embedded document on a computer which does not have the embedded font installed. I learned all of this the hard way. ~bito
    4 matches comment I found this program Weft 3 on Microsoft's home site and I can't get it to work. Does anyone know about WEFT3. It says it can embed fonts.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #9584 KookyRegular when used in a Quark document won't embed in a pdf. I've also tried writing the Quark page as an eps file, and writing the pdf in Illustrator, but it won't embed then either. Can anyone tell me why, and if there is a work-around? Thanks.
    1 matches comment rai21 at, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, has been banned.
    1 matches comment varada aka sam2112 @, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA has been banned for spamming.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11670 Other fonts embed well?
    1 matches comment @ hattie varada aka sam2112 @, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA has been banned for spamming. No more cream ...
    1 matches comment raj1984's answer is of course nonsense. Only posted to leave some spam links. raj1984, from Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu - India again, has been banned.

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