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    4 matches comment Hello!! Does anybody know what is the Woody Allen's films font? The used for the credits of all his films. It's always the same with small variations between old films and the new ones. Or another very simillar. Thanks!
    1 matches comment thanks ken ryan!...its really helps me alot! thanks again!!
    3 matches comment No, only since about October last year when I started making "Rapscallion" - that was my learning experience. One of those things I've wanted to do for years, then finally sat down and taught myself how. I'm basically just making fonts I've always wanted for myself, and sharing the results with everyone else via the web. I've got other font ideas - these days it's just a matter of finding the time to do them since it's just one of the many things I juggle in my free time It's almost winter here so I'll be spending more time indoors; that should result in a few more fonts in the coming months. Thanks for hosting a quality site where I can distribute my efforts to the fontaholics! Cheers, Ryan
    2 matches comment ! I would like to Identify the type of font or a very close one used for the Hank JR logo as it appears on his site next to the falcon image. I am guessing this font has been illustrated for his logo's genuiness. Any help is greatly appreciated. See it here: www.hankjr.com rmaxwell@hickorytech.net Thanks, Ryan Maxwell
    1 matches comment Randumhouse by Allen Mercer. You can get [buy] it fron House Industries: http://houseind.com/ But they only sell font bundles. If you really only want one they charge some $ 100. Might as well buy the bundle. Comes/came with Macromedia programs, maybe Xara. Download a trial and maybe you're lucky.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know the Font used for Ryan Sheckler's tattoo on his back? My son wants one with the same lettering. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    1 matches comment [quote]@Ken Ryan:"McCain" is Optima Bold (look for Humanist 601 BT) The text below is Optima Regular. They are here--> http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/optima/familytree.html[/quote] Thanks!
    1 matches comment Anyone know what the fonts on this movie poster are whre it says Anything Else and the cast names (Woody Allen, etc.)? Thanks. Maybe a handwritten one? or anything close to this font would be fine :) Link to picture: http://www.impawards.com/2003/anything_else.html (Theatrical Movie Poster)
    1 matches comment Hi all, has anybody any ideas what the this font is? Or even better, anybody know eher I can obtain a copy of it?? [img:30642e9fc7]http://www.machinehead1.com/images/comingsoon.gif[/img:30642e9fc7] It's seems to be fairly common - I've seen it used on quite a few CD sleeves, flyers etc... Any help greatly appreciated??? Thanks Ryan.
    1 matches comment Hi, I'd like to know what the name of this rune font is and where I might be able to find it :) http://members.rogers.com/3libras/other/decipher.html A more clear view of the font in use is at: http://www.aperfectcircle.com/frames.html Top left animation. I would REALLY appreciate this font! Thanks! -Ryan

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