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    1 matches comment Hello Royal Acid is close. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment KITCHEN REMODELING CABINETS GRANITE QUARTZ The Kitchen is the center of the home where everyone gathers around. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best investments to add value to your home. Divine Kitchen and Bath representatives will help you design a kitchen to suit your home obtain the look that you want to entertain, cook, and overall the style that you want to achieve.
    4 matches comment Anyone know? much appreciated!!
    4 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11758 Hey guys, do you think that the black spot on the 'A' is meant to be there? Looks like the bevel-white should have gone on top it... See what i mean? (Thanks to Darren G. for bringing this to my attention)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2743 This royal box contains all new picture that can be used instantly. ----------- Dia realestate
    1 matches comment I'm glad you managed to get the job done Karman. The closest I have seen to that style is Royal Gothic. AOE have a version called SS Royal Gothic but the letter "a" differs from your sample. http://www.astigmatic.com/illuminati.html
    2 matches comment Can anyone tell me what either of these fonts are? It's pretty urgent. Thanks for any help! :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2749 The Stencil after Matt Dennewitz gave it an acid shower.
    1 matches comment Found 2 more but also not Frakturs. But then I don't do Frakturs anyway. These are not free: the Ornate Initials and the Ayre Royal. Hope this helps but doubt it.
    1 matches comment Yepp, she is our pro. And there is Mr. Mc Gee not to forget and Ivan, too, and of course Alex. And some I have forgotten over the holidays, sorry. Back to the topic: Just want to add for the flourish initials some similar looking ones: Ayres Royal from Wiescher. or Rothenburg or Ruritania which are discussed at this thread. Humm, back to holiday-mode ...

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