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    1 matches comment Sorry for you Hattie but hottyping posted a link that we cannot allow on this forum. If hottyping wanted to share with you he/she should have opted for the PM route.
    1 matches comment Thank-you! I guess I may need to go a different route? I do custom DVD box inlays, I like to try and use the same fonts as the title and opening credits, but sometimes that's not easy! LOL Edit: I think BodoniXT will work? I found another one that would also work, but I can't find a download for it. It's called "Pretty Baby" thank-you again for your help!! Ann
    1 matches comment Thanks Alex, and I shall check out handwriting fonts. There is something of the same feel to Letraset's CHILLER, and I may decide to go that route - I was looking for a font with the slightly rustic feel of Oriental bamboo brushwork. Cheers, Cate
    1 matches comment That's too bad. We ID fonts here. We do not give free advice on matters that others have to make a living on. Apart from that, your short briefing makes it impossible to give you proper advice. It is for your business so I strongly advice you to seek the help of a professional. Give an in depth brief and you will be far better of than getting some wild suggestions thrown at you, then picking whatever you like and start playing with it. When it comes to corporate design personal liking is in most of all cases the worst route. In simple words; what you like is irrelevant, what IS relevant is that the typography chosen represents your company well and appeals to your (prospective) customers. Really, do seek the help of a professional and forget your personal taste. You will be far better of. Plenty of small and affordable agencies there in London. Take The Kat's word for it.
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