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    5 matches comment Anybody know what the font is on the cover of The Black Parade CD by My Chemical Romance? I really love that font and want it!! somebody on the My Chemical Romance Forum said that the font was Broken 3897 but I cant find that font anywhere! Please help!?! I've attached a picture of the font incase people dont know what it looks like. EDITED by alex: The font called The Chemical Parade http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/12747
    1 matches comment Hey can u direct me to a font of the band mychemical romance. And if you dont have it, can you please make one?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #4077 this is shit
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12126 Fuck!!! how to download this shit!!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11532 this shit is rad
    1 matches comment alright i dont give a shit if im impolite or not especially on a font forum site.... like...relle? wow. and FWI: This was a request similar to this thread, idc where i ask questions either bro, ill ask wherever i want, who do u think you are? telling ppl wat to do on a site like this. asshole. ANDDD using uppercase is not impolite, i used it for a specific pupose, to get ppls attention and read wattsup, so that i can try to find this font ASAP, which was due the next day nd i was running out of time... nice try but mabe u shuld b polite and not give ppl shit like u just did to me. NO ONE CARES!!! [quote]@Schwalben Koenig:Base 02. FYI: You need to open a new thread for a new request. And don’t write in uppercase, it is considered impolite shouting.[/quote]
    1 matches comment chill man... shit ;) are you looking for the whole font or just the K that is important to you, or just the letters in the logo? Do you wanna do a headline of your project in that font?
    3 matches comment Well...sorry if this bring problems to u....i know that u do a great work with Abstractfonts.....only if u wanna try this..... -Erase La Flama y la Espina, Regular Pasión Acústica Romance fatal Goth(premium & Vesal) and acept the others with the same name cause the font continuing be the same only change the family...if a person look in the red a difference with an last version of my font....This person would try to get a better versio,,,well it´s the reason(well......i used to change of opinion about a family name to my fonts) Sorry again if u get problems whit this situation..... Let´s working....and great job! Pd: try to write in other languaje ....its hard also......Buena suerte!
    2 matches comment uploaded image hi, sorry to ask for this, but i'm looking for my chemical romance's [the band] 'The Black Parade' font. The one the album has as the TBP writing.. Cant seem to find it anywhere. would anyone know where to find it or something similar? would be kindly appreciated =) from the image, the part that says 'The Black Parade' is the font i'm trying to find. i'll understand if no one can find it =
    1 matches comment I've looked everywhere for the "Romance" font or at least omance. tia

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