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    5 matches comment Here's a tricky one. It's the title text of a painting/map from around 1700 in Sweden. This exact font does probably not exist but does anyone know of a similar one? Mynaruse isn't too far off, but a font with the unique "thorns" on the W and/or the E would be preferred.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know if there is a road dingbat font out there somewhere? something like LEGO roads if you know what I mean, like pieces of a road (straight ones, bent ones, crossings...) that you can put together to form a road. I have never seen any, but it would be great if there is one. Thank you!
    3 matches comment ? Hi there I am trying to match the font for the Australian fashion brand 'Country Road' Your help is greatly appreciated!!
    1 matches comment Hello font experts! I'm trying to figure out what font is used in this old map for the word TARRYTOWN. Identifont tells me Algerian, but that can't be right. Any help on figuring this out would be appreciated! Thanks, Lakis
    3 matches comment Thanks!
    1 matches comment If you are on a windows machine you can go to[ START > PROGRAMS > ACESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > CHARACTER MAP ] Select the font you are using and then find it in the window below... For most fonts you can use the key command ALT + 0169 (©) and ALT + 0174 (®) I hope this helps you.
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a map symbol font that would include symbols for wetlands - swamp, saltmarsh, etc.?
    3 matches comment uploaded image Hi, the character map is in public domain. What would be the legal state if someone grab it and make a typeface out of it? Would it be possible to redistribute the work (for free under OFL)? Bye Bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16436 Panama Road is a calligraphic font style informal and casual appearance, drawn freehand with pen and then digitized for use in computers. This handwritten font contains several additional character sets for cosmetic purposes such as alternative capital letters to start words or lowercase letters ornaments with terminal end of words (Swashes). • Only for personal use. • Commercial license available: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2go
    3 matches comment Accented 'a' will belong to some particular language and if you live in the country that speaks it. Then you will probably have that language set as your default operating system language and there will be a keyboard that you can buy (or glue stickers on) that will be able to access those special characters for that particular language. Or you could just go to Character Map application (if you are on windows, or similar) that will show all characters available and you will probably be able to copy / paste them one by one.

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    Road Show
    Road Stencil
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    Mulberry Road Semicond Oblique
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    Map Of You Regular
    1805 Jaeck Map Italic
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    PIXymbols Road Signs Color
    TX Map Bits Alpha
    1805 Jaek Map Set
    1676 Morden Map Italic
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    Buttoneer Char Map
    1676 Morden Map Complete Family Pack
    Motorcity Regular
    1805 Jaeck Map Italic
    1805 Jaeck Map Normal
    Fulham Road Regular
    USF Recreational Prohibit/Map Volume3
    RoadRage ROB
    PIXymbols RoadSigns Regular
    CA Normal Bold
    CA Normal Regular
    CA Normal Set
    CA Normal Heavy
    CA Normal Light
    CA Normal Medium
    Antiquarian Scribe Regular
    CA Normal Left Bold
    CA Normal Left Regular
    CA Normal Left Set
    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 12
    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 14
    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 5
    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 7
    CA Normal Bold Italic
    CA Normal Left Heavy
    CA Normal Left Light
    CA Normal Left Medium
    CA Normal Regular Italic
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    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 9
    Old Man Eloquent Regular
    DFHS Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 4
    Mercator Set
    Roadkill Regular
    DFHS Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 3
    DF Maru Gothicâ„¢ Japanese W 3
    Blue Highway D
    Roadkill Complete Family Pack
    P22 Cilati Regular
    Roadway Regular
    Blue Highway Bold
    Blue Highway Regular
    DF Maru Gothic Complete Family Pack
    DFHS Gothic Complete Family Pack
    Blue Highway Condensed Regular
    Blue Highway Linocut Regular
    Blue Highway Complete Family Pack

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