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    1 matches comment In the end I think the question should not have been 'what font' but 'what font[color=red]s[/color]'. For the C and the G use the DiscoRegular (1993 B & P Graphics, Ltd.) or the WSI rip-off Discotheque Regular/SWFTE rip-off Circular Saw. The rest but the S is the Picmania. The S is causing a nervous breakdown but if all fails the S of Mistery Circle might replace it. No match though.
    2 matches comment Hi all, Can you please help me identify the attached font? Many thanks :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12095 I can honestly say Richard that this is a 100% genuine rip-off of probably another rip-off. But not the Mojo. It started here and ended as a joke with this thing to show Gary how easy it is to get what you need without constant condensing in Photoshop and the like. I used the Fillmore variation thus the name fillmore condensed. And surprisingly I made something out of it. Catnip, salmon and cream! What else would The Kat want?
    3 matches comment Handel Gothic, Alex². Handel Gothic! Please do not promote Bay Animations rip-offs. Thanks.
    1 matches comment Hi, what's that funny curl in the middle? Look at CAC Pinafore: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11084 ? Bye bye
    2 matches comment view details for free font #12750 A rip off of Goo Goo Gjoob.
    1 matches comment If it where not for the U I'd say Rockwell. Not many others with that RA combination around. Mainly rip-offs.
    1 matches comment Amazing that this is on Dafont. A shameles rip-off of Yomar Augusto's Unity.
    1 matches comment uploaded image IMHO the Riddler question marks, both versions, are loosely based on actual fonts, but were tailored for the TV show and movie. The original Riddler you can see the curl has been modified to create a spiral out of the empty space.
    1 matches comment Cannot find it. I believe I have seen it a while ago: A font set that looks like the "at" sign - every letter a curl around it, as @ for a, etc.

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