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    3 matches comment I am confused. The Fink Roman font is a part of the Rat Fink collection at House Industries. You cannot find it there? But hey, if koeiekat is willing to share, that beats the $150 asking price.
    5 matches comment This may be an italic version of another font but looks kinda brush or caligraphic. Any help, much appreciated!
    1 matches comment Back into the rat-race?
    1 matches comment I thought this was Brush Script at first. Can anyone tell me if this is it's own font or if it's a modified Brush Script?
    4 matches comment Does anyone know the name of this font? Thanks!
    3 matches comment any ideas??? thanks!!
    1 matches comment Brush Script
    1 matches comment The first one is the Brush Script.
    1 matches comment I was finally able to pull the Black Cherry Moon off my old cracked CorelDraw CD so that problem is fixed, and it is good to have that font back again. However, does anyone know of a close free equivalent to the Water Brush font designed by Rob Leuschke at TypeSETit?

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    Lord Rat AOE
    Rat Infested Mailbox
    Brush BQ
    FT Brush
    Brush MN Regular
    FT Brush Bold
    FT Brush Light
    Brush Type Italic
    Brush Type Michiko
    Brush Type Standard
    Brush Stroke
    Brush With Death
    Acrylic Brush
    Big Brush One
    Big Brush Two
    Blue Brush
    Brush 445
    Brush 455
    Brush 738
    Brush 738
    Brush Script
    Brush Script
    Brush Script
    Brush Script
    Brush Script D
    Brush Writing OC
    Casual Brush
    Churchward Brush
    Enamel Brush
    Fuller Brush NF
    Jonah Brush
    Kasuga Brush One
    Kasuga Brush Two
    Middleton Brush
    Radiance Brush
    Sign Brush
    Zar Brush
    FT Brush Bold
    Brush Script EF
    Alex Brush-ROB
    Brush Script SB-Regular
    Churchward Brush Italic
    Jonah Brush Narrow
    Jonah Brush Wide
    Kolker Brush ROB
    Mommie Brush Bold
    Mommie Brush Medium
    Mommie Brush Regular
    Water Brush ROB
    Middleton Brush Regular
    DF Brush Complete Family Pack
    Churchward Brush Regular (D)
    Churchward Brush Volume
    CCTim Sale Brush-Italic
    CCTim Sale Brush-Regular
    Brush Writing OC
    Reimig Brush Bold
    Reimig Brush Spotted
    Reimig Brush Vintage
    Brush Stroke Regular
    Japanese Brush Master
    P22 Cruz Brush
    Plz Print Brush
    Japanese Brush Master
    Acrylic Brush Regular
    Brush Script (D)
    Brush (Mec)
    FT Brush Light
    FT Brush Regular
    Pointed Brush
    Enamel Brush Regular
    Eckhardt Poster Brush JNL
    Kasuga Brush One
    Kasuga Brush Two
    Caridade Black
    Caridade Family
    Caridade Heavy
    Caridade Light
    Caridade Regular
    Caridade Thin
    Stevens Titling™ Badger Brush
    Stevens Titling™ Boar Brush
    Stevens Titling™ Sable Brush
    Stevens Titling™ Wolf Brush
    Caridade Bold
    Contemporary Brush URW Bold
    Contemporary Brush URW Regular
    Brush Script™ Regular
    Pointed Brush Regular
    Contemporary Brush Font Family
    Contemporary Brush Regular font
    Brush 455 Regular
    Brush 738 Regular
    Brush Script Regular
    FB Flat Brush Regular
    FB Magic Brush Regular
    Kasuga Brush Family
    Piekos FX Brush BB
    Big Brush One
    Big Brush Two

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