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    8 matches comment Hi looking for this font looks simislar to many gothic, blackletter, oldeglish fonts but has script tyoe swirls. please help
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi, it's very close to Franklin Gothic Condensed ITC or Softmaker (SM) and might be a hand squeezed Franklin Gothic Condesed Bold. See the ITC Franklin Gothic: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/itc-franklin-gothic/ But the URWPP Franklin Gothic differs to much. Bye Bye
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    5 matches comment It is similar with Bank Gothic family (http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/bank%20gothic) Just for compare because the "c" character look different. Thanks
    2 matches comment first glance i thought it was Copperplate Gothic Light (usually included with all win comps).. but i know they have those lines at the ends. i think there's another gothic font called Sackers Gothic. if anyone wanted to know the script font, its font called Carpenter.
    2 matches comment I want use this font in a project, see photo attached, but I can't quite work out what it is. I know it's not the following fonts, but very simular; Gothic Special Condensed Medium Trump Gothic Steelfish Tandelle Pacific Standard Book Linotype Alternate Gothic 1 It's the main font used on the V Magazine website (for site navigation headings etc.) http://www.vmagazine.com Help in identifying this font would be really appreciated.
    2 matches comment Hi, long time 'no see'. You want the Handel Gothic this time.
    3 matches comment Hi, i'm looking for a free GroupType Raleigh Gothic font - any similar known? Thanks
    2 matches comment Handel Gothic, Alex². Handel Gothic! Please do not promote Bay Animations rip-offs. Thanks.
    2 matches comment Is this Frankin Gothic? Please let me know :D

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