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    1 matches comment Hi Does anyone know of a font that is similar is style to that used by UK artist Ralph Steadman? Thanks. Mikey london
    4 matches comment Hello all! Naturally, as a newbie I have question IDing a font I like. I've been to every 'typefinder' I can find on the web - this appears to be one obscure font, if indeed it's actually a font. Could it be a custom logo? I think the style is transitional and the serifs are wedge. The graphic dates from a scan of the original printing of the book in 1969 - that may be a clue. It's very elegant. Any help/leads _really_ appreciated! Thanks... Ralph
    2 matches comment Can anyone ID this font? Thanks in advance. Ralph
    1 matches comment Thalia - Medium (by Ralph M. Unger) Chau, calto
    1 matches comment Can anyone identify this font? Thanks. Ralph
    1 matches comment Hi Folks, Can someone I.D. this font? Thanks, Ralph

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    Ralph Oliver du Carrois external .

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