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    1 matches comment Lauren, since you mentioned Vegas, would that be Mountain Vista, Las Vegas, NV 89121, US ? Edit kk: Lauren - rightfully - complained about the details in this post so I took some out.
    1 matches comment Anybody know the font for the word "Vegas" in this logo? Or can suggest something close (preferably a free font)? Advance thanks for your assistance!! Lindsay
    1 matches comment Maybe still asleep or just her first coffee, she is in Vegas, remember?
    1 matches comment Please help me find this ID font!!! ah thank, i found it. It is Las Vegas D font
    1 matches comment I need to find out what script font that is in this logo, specifically Vegas Fine Estates. I know it is similar to Edwardian Script but not exactly. Thanks
    1 matches comment Attention members,Great Vacation Packages, includes hotels, airline tickets to Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, New York, Europe and Asia.. Can't miss opportunity http://anthonysguides.com/rhea/travel/great_cheap_vacation_deals.htm
    1 matches comment ? Take the second season episode "Smell the Umbrella Stand," which I'm told some people consider a classic. Two and a Half Men DVD Alan is all worked up about getting a colonoscopy, which many people can join. Who would not be neurotic about to get a camera stuck in their hind legs when they lost consciousness, is so vulnerable, when doctors do not know Glee DVD what's out there? And this is a routine event in a person's life, the scene seems to bring comic genius who manages to acceptable limits What TV networks. Set in the kitchen, Alan and his brother Charlie decides to go to Las Vegas to get Alan's thoughts away from a future intrusion. The Big Bang Theory DVD The dialogue is great, because it is written just like our human language, and I found myself in exactly the same debate I was trying to convince a nebbish friends to join me over the weekend trip to Las Vegas. Desperate Housewives DVD But the scene is a great addition layer of Bertha, a cleaner who works behind the clogged drain, when Alan and riffs punctuated phrases muttered Charlie run-out of a release of frustration snake. Each comment gives the industry a bit more concern 'nervous for his future conduct, Grey's Anatomy DVD giving us, the viewer, laughter extra in a funny scene. The final point is that it is easy to see why this episode is a classic!
    1 matches comment Wow. He didn't need to get all worked up like that. If he read were to actually read the comment maybe he would not have been insulted. I did write that some people don't know any better. It is only those who knowingly seek and distribute unauthorized font files that were referred to as "sleaze buckets." And I even wrote that I, myself, albiet it many many many years ago and it is not something I am proud to admit, I was given and accepted a commercial font that was given to me, "unauthorized." Karma is a-- is not so nice sometimes, and the copy of Novella I had, I uploaded it to my little dencity.com site at the time to store it which went belly-up not even days later. I didn't even get to use it! It wasn't meant to be. Sigh. Santa's Sleigh now only for me. All kidding aside, I hope that it is clear, that I am writing about this because there is "no shame in my game," accepting, seeking or distributing unauthorized copies of fonts is not something I do. I was a kid. Who didn't know. :P It's no lie, maybe brash sometimes, thats the Vegas in me, but believe it or not, I really am a geek. I'm a goodie goodie. He he.
    1 matches comment Hi guys! Hope you're all well. Jay! Been trying to track you down for a long time! How are you dude! Well I'm still around. Bumped into Schwalben Koenig and Jackie over at WTF a couple of times. Not interested in gastronomy at all! Rather keeping up with my other great passion... Movie Props... and making replicas. Had chance recently to massivley increase my collection. Anyway, as you guys said, The Flea Pit closed down. Partly for the reasons Jackie said above, but mainly because I fell into some copyright issues with Steven Spielbergs lawyers (gulp!). Obviously the site made me no money, but cost me a lot, and I didn't fancy being dragged into court by Dreamworks or any other studio in fact so I decided it was for the best. Funny how you get Dreamworks threatening legal action, yet on the otherside of the coin, I got sent a link to an official KING KONG site promoting the fact that my font had been released! So I'm still dabbling in fonts, but now mainly for use in my replica props (which at least make me some money!) and currently busy planning my wedding and Vegas/Hawaii honeymoon! (3 months to go!!!) Good to see you all again. Man I miss Dafont!!!!

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