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    4 matches comment Looking for thin type like the attached or the one in http://www.behance.net/gallery/Toormix-New-Papers/311993 Please help!
    3 matches comment I've been looking forever for a free font that resembles this one attached: sans serif, clean and thin. Anyone? Thank you
    1 matches comment Does anyone have it or know where I can find it. It is very important that I find it. It is called Thick Thin or Thick Thin-Bold Thanks in Advance for any help. ;)
    1 matches comment Let me try this again. Still Looking for the font "Thick Thin" or "Thick Thin-Bold" Just added a better attachment so you could see the font better:rolleyes:
    2 matches comment Hi all, I scourged through most of the threads here but was unable for find a similar font. I need the name of this font or atleast a font that is similar to the above. I need to prepare some buttons for my website and need them to be small - all fonts I downloaded are either too thick/big or thin. Thick fonts are not clear when seen in reduced size and thin fonts make the buttons longer. Thanks in arvance Rizwan
    3 matches comment The original file had this font at an angle over a tshirt, I photoshopped out the shirt and rotated it to be flat. It looks similar to FF Schulschrift but the l, t, and o are all wrong. I've tried indentifont and WTF to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, First guess: The E is a C plus a minus-sign. Take something like a Helvetica Thin Wide? and you should get the ESSE, but the N? Mayby someone played with House Industries Chalet? http://www.houseind.com/fonts/chalet/viewfonts Or just rotated a Helvetica U at 180°? The example is a Nimbus Sans Normal, try a Helvetica Neue Extended Ultra Light or Thin insted. Bye bye
    3 matches comment Hi Can anyone help me find this font please. The standard arial font is too thick compared to this. Thanks for any help
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Looks very close to Marker Felt Thin (Apple Computer Inc). Included with Apple's Mac OS X operating system. http://www.identifont.com/show?EP7 I found the right (?) versions named Marker Felt Thin and Wide in my catalog/database with the following copyright information: Copyright (c) 1992, 1993, 2001, Pat Snyder, 62976 Ross Inlet, Coos Bay, OR 97420. But I can't find a source ... The phone number should be Maker Felt Wide. Bye bye
    2 matches comment Hi all wanting to see iof anyone had the font BRUSHIT THIN would really appreciate it....... peevee78

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    Continental Railway
    Railway Point Bold
    Railway Point Light
    Railway Point Normal
    Railway Point Bold Italic
    Railway Point Light Italic
    Railway Point Normal Italic
    Western Railway JNL-Regular
    Railway Roman
    Thin Man
    Wigan Thin
    Saw Thin
    Thin Man-Drunk
    Thin Mint JNL
    AT Move Billiard Thin
    Mister Twiggs Thin
    LHF Matthews Thin
    Designer RD Thin
    Lango Px Thin
    Stannard Family
    Stannard No. 1 Regular
    Stannard No. 2 Regular
    Stannard No. 3 Regular
    Stannard No. 4 Regular
    AntiQuasi Thin
    CentreForward Thin
    MauBo Thin
    Mototype Thin
    VAGRounded Thin
    VanBerger Thin
    WildSong Thin
    0 AFerrugem-Thin
    0 Arame-Thin
    0 Decomputer-Thin
    BetterTypeRight Thin
    NewLibris Thin
    NuOrder Thin
    Square 45-Thin
    Stratum 1 Thin
    Stratum 2 Thin
    Whinter2 Thin
    Designer RD Ultra Thin
    Tee Franklin Thin
    Pardon Me Boy!™
    Ministry Thin
    Tee Franklin Thin Oblique
    Handsome Thin
    Epitet Thin
    Kaptiva Thin
    Logo Sans Thin
    Acuta Thin
    Agrafa Thin
    Chogolisa Thin
    Cubic Thin
    Dimitrina Thin
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    Haike Thin
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    Wigan Thin
    Wombat Thin
    Zag Thin
    Konstruct Thin
    Qotho Thin
    AntiQuasi Thin Caps
    AntiQuasi Thin Italic
    CentreForward Thin Italic
    MauBo Thin-Italic
    CF Semplice Thin
    New Nerdish Thin
    Ministry Thin Italic
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    Ambex Thin
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    Anorexia Thin
    Antea Thin

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