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    3 matches comment uploaded image OK, Lauren Thompson, I'm back. I'm sorry I did offend you. Did not mean to but maybe over here we communicate somewhat more directly than in the Mid West. Can happen ... I only meant to say that I had seen this before. The quickest one to show was the Melina Fancy, which is clearly completely different from the Nutshell Library, but there are more ... So here is the quiz: which of the ones shown above is the hand-drawn version on the book cover and which fonts are the others? Quiz is open to all ...
    1 matches comment Lauren, after food for thought - how about the quiz?
    1 matches comment mumble ... mumble ... Why are you shouting? Don't like a quiz? These were only 8 of the other ones around. No guarantee that the list is complete. You can see that there are only a few that are (almost) the same. And yours is different from the rest. So why be upset? Other thingie ... I was wrong. Clearly also on Mountain Vista the art of direct communications is mastered. Although, why use so many words for something that could be said using only a few ...
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