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    7 matches comment I am looking for a font with the same shape and haracteristics as "Australian Sunset" but solid without the lines in the image. Any suggestions please. Thank you...Mike
    1 matches comment Try fattening and filling Princetown or as free alternate a font called Allstar … don't know if that's a knock-off.
    2 matches comment You can use Princetown
    2 matches comment I just discovered Roman Solid, which may fit very well at this sample (for my weak eyes) …
    1 matches comment Hi, similar shapes: Campus, Yearbook and Princetown: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itfmecanorma/campus/ http://www.fonts.com/DE/detail.htm?pid=205149 http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/letraset/princetown/ This fonts will gave you the white line in black. But I dont know a double-outlined font like this. Bye Bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11969 Yet another college/sports/Princetown lookalike
    1 matches comment Looks just like collegiate or princetown I do a lot of graphics for schools and that is what they use. I will send it to you if you have Petras
    1 matches comment Industria Solid by Neville Brody.
    1 matches comment No match here. One that comes a bit close is the Tokyo One Solid. You have to play with upper and lower case.
    1 matches comment Harlow Solid, backslanted.

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    Princetown LET
    Princetown SH-Regular
    Creaky Solid
    Roman Solid OT
    Solid State
    Tiranti Solid LET
    Columna EF Solid
    Take Two Solid BF
    Warmer Solid
    Dezen Solid Black
    Dezen Solid Bold
    Dezen Solid Heavy
    Dezen Solid Light
    Dezen Solid Medium
    Dezen Solid Regular
    Dezen Solid Thin
    Roman Solid Alternate
    Sackers™ Solid Antique Roman Solid Antique Roman
    Cross Stitch Solid
    Dezen Solid Extra Light
    PowerStation Solid
    CCSchools Out-Solid
    Inklea Solid
    Cartelle Solid
    Folk Solid
    Hunter Solid
    Ozymandias Solid NF
    RM Playtime Solid
    Skitch Solid
    Klondike Solid
    Roman Solid Regular
    Radiogram Solid
    PowerStation Solid Wide
    Bahnhof Solid
    Bermuda Solid
    Bristol Solid
    Budmo Solid
    Citadel Solid
    Columna Solid D
    Columna Solid SC D
    Containment Solid
    Dekal Solid
    Dominus RR Solid
    Eastside Solid
    Engravers DT Solid
    Fatty Solid
    Gil Solid MF
    Gusto Solid
    Harlow Solid LET
    Hemmings Solid
    Honduras RR Solid
    Hounslow Solid
    Industria Solid
    Inklea Solid
    Insectile Solid
    Klondike Solid
    Little Sunshine Solid
    Marquee Solid
    Movella Solid
    Mulsanne Solid
    Narcissus SG Solid
    Niagara Solid
    Non Linear Solid
    Paltime Solid
    Phosphate RR Solid
    Putney Solid
    Radiogram Solid
    Revenant Solid
    Revenue Solid
    Rhythm One Solid
    Rhythm Two Solid
    SB Liquid Solid
    SB Message Solid
    Sharp Nine Solid
    Sparrow Solid
    Sphinx RR Solid
    Stencil Solid D
    Sunday Best Solid
    Taku Solid
    Tecon Solid
    Toews Solid
    Trivet Solid
    Volitiva Solid
    Warmer Solid
    Warrior Solid
    With A Twist Solid
    Zamenhof Solid
    Zampichi Solid Three-D
    Zooey Solid
    CCArea51 Industrial-Solid
    CCArea51 Military-Solid

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