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    14 matches comment http://printfonts.ralcr.com this site will print all your installed fonts. if you see it usefull or not i'll be glad to hear. thanks.
    4 matches comment Sassoon infant doesn't look like a real handwriting font to me. But Stefan hattenbach had made a freefont named Montessori which looks a lot like Sassoon. I'd recommend Learning Curves from bluevinyl or Primer Print or Print Clearly if you like those style. And don't forget: It's always the parents or teachers who teach the writing, not a font or computer. Have a nice day.
    1 matches comment Try primer print, it's the roundest, friendliest, most readable font I've ever seen and I use it for just about anything. :) You can get it here on abstract fonts, and also on just about any font page you go to. It is my favorite font, and to me it seems like a very elementary school type of font which is great for teachers like I will be. It looks best at 14 pt. or bigger, but using it at smaller point sizes still looks very good- I've used it at as small as 8 pt. and it still looked great.
    2 matches comment Hi, It's a typical typeface used in primary school books (primers) from the USA (and Canada?). The US-english term should be "primer font". These typefaces are distantly related to Paul Renner's Futura, not Arno Drescher's Super Grotesk. The closest one I found is: OkayText by Luke William Turvey: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/okaycat/okaytext/ This commercial typeface looks very close! Se also other primer fonts: Print Clearly OT by Unknown: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11339 Primer Print by Ray Larabie: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/7246 http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/10082 FC Basic Font by Unknown: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/13391 Didact Gothic by Daniel Johnson: http://io.debian.net/~danielj/ Bye bye
    1 matches comment Thanks Lisa, i found Avant Garde but i'll have to pay for it. I found this other one called Primer Print, it's quite similar. As for goldenquill, my apology...i'm not sure how to attach an image from my desktop here? mind letting me know how to? Sorry about that Diffan
    1 matches comment I am a homeschooler looking for a high readability font, usually with a serif, for emerging readers. The advantage of the Sassoon Infant and Primer is that they help early readers form word blocks. Can anyone direct me to a free lookalike? Many thanks:)
    4 matches comment Want to Print Out Font Samples Without Installing Them First? Your wish can come true. Each time you install a new font, it gradually slows down and clutters your operating system. You understand it and want to choose fonts freely without having to enormously enlarge the list of installed fonts. Starting from version 2.7, Advanced Font Viewer allows you to print out samples of uninstalled fonts. This document prepared for printing can be sent via e-mail and viewed on any other computer no matter if these fonts are installed on it. You can hand the document over to your colleagues or customers using a disk, a flash drive, or any other way you find convenient. How to create this list of fonts for printing? Select the folder with fonts on the Browser tab and click the toolbar button labeled “BMP” above the printer. You will see a dialog box where you can edit the parameters of the document being prepared for printing. For example, you can specify the folder to save the created document to, specify the color and size of font samples. Click the Generate button and the program will create a BMP image for each font and embed these images into an HTML table. This table can be opened and printed in any web browser. So, now you can: - Print out samples from your font collection without installing these fonts. - Send your colleague or your customer variants how any text will look like and get their opinion. For example, it can be the logo of your customer's company. The most important thing is that the recipient of the document may have only the basic set of fonts supplied with the operating system on his computer and still have no difficulties with viewing the document! - View the samples of uninstalled fonts quickly because the samples are already generated. For example, create such a document for your entire collection and view it in your browser.
    2 matches comment Which programs use to create and print a similar font catalog to the that exists for download in the site ? I have a cd with 18.000 fonts, wish print a catalog with them. ( I am from Brazil, do not write English well)
    1 matches comment I used Key TypeBook years ago to print out an alphbet sample of each of my fonts. I have maaaaaany more fonts now. I still have the program, but can't get it to print on my current printer (HP 1120c). It says "Error: Undefined, Offending Command: Load, Stack: /fr, Is anyone familiar with Key TypeBook (can't find it on the net) or any other freeware that would help? You'll be my new best friend. Thanks ever so ;)
    1 matches comment Have a look at this You should have a look at the write kids its a great little font cales teach me 2 write, you can create your own worksheets with your child on the computer then print them. there are some free worksheets you can print out Here is the web address www.write-kids.co.uk

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