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    8 matches comment Hello, I am in desperate need of the font used for Love heart Candy! Please see attached image. Any assistance in locating it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
    6 matches comment Hello... My debut CD release is to be entitled 'Candyman's Cupboard' (in the studio recording now)...& the front cover design is to be the original 'Candy Cupboard' lettering on a white backdrop (original meaning the multicolored, patchwork style w/ the jagged edges...as opposed to later on, when they went w/ a solid red.) I need to find this lettering style, really bad. I realize fonts are black & white...but I thought I may run across some experts here that may know where this might be found. [Heck...if I could find an original boxtop...I would scan it in & fashion my own extra letters in Photoshop.] Thanks very much, mark4man
    2 matches comment Hello, For my work I'm looking for the Font Candy Round BTN. (see image for example) I had it on my computer, but after re-installing Windows Vista, I lost it. Even though I thought I saved it on my external hard drive. Anyway, I don't have it anymore, but I need it really bad. Does anyone have it for me? Or now where I can find it for free? (myfonts is too expencive) Thanks! b|ART
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16529 Candy Pop! is an outline typeface, cool and very legible funny organic forms with psychedelic and pop style, the uneven contour, bezel type, makes the design of titles, two or more colors, for posters, flyers or commercials, is a task easy and entertaining with Photoshop. Include Bitcoin symbol: b# (ligatures) • Candy symbol: # ============================ FREE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2T7
    3 matches comment This font looks kinda like BV Candy Store but chubbier and cuter. Thanks
    2 matches comment I had searched all forms of candy hearts on several sites before finding this one. I thought I had on this site as well but obviously I didn't. Thanks! :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2516 candy cane
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6647 candy cane
    1 matches comment That is Blue Vinyl's Candy Store. Not on their website anymore but everywhere on the web and soon here too.
    1 matches comment I need to know the name of the font or where I can download the font that looks like the M&M candy. Thanks, Kat

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    Ministry of Candy external .

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    Candy EF
    LD Cotton Candy
    Candy Bits
    Candy Cursive
    Candy Randy
    Candy Script
    Neck Candy
    Candy Bits Regular
    Neck Candy Filler
    Candy Buzz BTN
    Candy Buzz BTN Lt
    Candy Round BTN
    Candy Round BTN Lt
    Candy Square BTN
    Candy Square BTN Lt
    Candy Buzz BTN Bold
    Candy Round BTN Bold
    Candy Round BTN Cond
    Candy Round BTN Cond Lt
    Candy Square BTN Bold
    Candy Square BTN Cond
    Candy Square BTN Cond Lt
    Candy Square BTN Striped
    Candy Round BTN Cond Bold
    Candy Square BTN Cond Bold
    Candy Script Regular
    Eurostile® Candy Bold
    Altemus Holidays One
    Eurostile® Candy Complete Family Pack
    Eurostile® Candy Regular
    Eurostile® Candy Semibold
    Caramel Candy
    EF Candy Regular
    Candy Randy Normal
    Neck Candy Black
    Neck Candy Regular
    Candy Cursive Regular
    Dexter SC
    Yuki Regular
    Yuki Lined
    Yuki Bold
    BAQ Rounded
    Racetrack Two
    Axion RX-14 Regular
    Contax 35 Thin
    Contax 35 Thin 2
    Contax 45 Light
    Contax 55 Regular
    Contax 55 Sm Cap
    Contax 56 Italic
    Contax 65 Medium
    Contax 75 Bold
    Langston Regular
    Langston ScOsf
    Holiday Value Pack
    ITC Vintage™ Regular
    Android Regular
    Android Tall
    Dexter Regular
    Edgar No.9 Regular
    Edgar No.9 ScOsf
    Merry Fleurons Regular
    Grocers Script
    Mandelia Regular
    Mecanica Outline
    Mecanica Regular
    Mecanica Slant
    Yuki Lined Bold
    Racetrack Regular
    Shockwave Regular
    Contax 25 Ultra Light
    Contax 35 Thin Sm Cap
    Contax 36 Thin Italic
    Contax 45 Light Sm Cap
    Contax 46 Light Italic
    Contax 65 Medium Sm Cap
    Contax 66 Medium Italic
    Contax 75 Bold Sm Cap
    Contax 76 Bold Italic
    Contax Bold Volume
    Contax Light Volume
    Contax Medium Volume
    Contax Regular Volume
    Contax Sans 35 Thin
    Contax Sans 45 Light
    Contax Sans 55 Regular
    Contax Sans 56 Italic
    Contax Sans 65 Medium
    Contax Sans 75 Bold
    Contax Sans 85 Black
    Contax Thin Volume
    Typodermic Strange Pack
    Cacao Fat
    Cacao Plain
    Typodermic Photo Pack
    Hippyfreak Regular
    Invitation Script Value Pack
    Johnny Regular
    BottleKaps Condensed
    BottleKaps Expanded

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