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    9 matches comment [quote]@koeiekat:Alex, what is this urbanfonts forum thing?[/quote] im confused... who's alex? is that abstract fonts that meant when 'AF' is mentioned in the all the legal mumbo jumbo forum post? is this a case of creative content generation? is that your question as well?
    8 matches comment I missed that post, I don't know how that happened. It was so long... Good job on the forum names! I hope we can have a more active community... The forums Paul mentioned reminds me of tutorialforums'...
    7 matches comment Why did you delete your starting post?
    6 matches comment what would be the online version of catnip? there are a few problems still, but i'm working to ractify them... one of them is how to deal with the new message notifications. you will not receive a notification now, because you would receive one after each post since i dont track what you look at. That will get very annoying very quickly. Any ideas of how to deal with that?
    1 matches comment Optimus Princeps and Trajan Pro are the only ones I have that meet all the serif requirements. Now whether either comes in condensed I don't have time to look (lunch is over lol)
    3 matches comment I Can't Find Either Font. The font used for "Lockdown" or "Sunday, April 18TH 2010, Live! on Pay - Per - View St. Louis, Mo 8PM/ET 5PM/PT" if you could identify both. thank you
    1 matches comment I have to go eat lunch, I will be back shortly, thanks in advance if you reply before I get back.
    1 matches comment i got [quote:e5fa5c41b7]The page you wanted is taking a long lunch.[/quote:e5fa5c41b7] cant look at the pic, man...
    1 matches comment hi there looking for this font !! thanks and have great sunday!!!
    1 matches comment Wow! Is that the new generation talk? They get fonts for FREE and they complain in this way? Wow! Isn't it like going to the gas station with the car and SHOUTING AT THE GUY THERE. "HEY; WHERE DOES THAT HOSE GO IN? WHAT? WHERE IS THE HELP SECTION? AND I DON'T PAY ANYTHING, YOU KNOW!!!" Wow.

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    Sunday Best Oblique
    Sunday Best Regular
    Sunday Best Shadows
    Sunday Best Solid
    Box Lunch JNL
    Casual Lunch JNL
    Open Lunch Oblique
    Open Lunch Regular
    Open Lunch-Outline
    Sunday Best Shadows Oblique
    Sunday Best Solid Oblique
    Open Lunch-Outline Oblique
    President Gas
    Sticker Gas MF Bold
    Sticker Gas MF Light
    Sticker Gas MF Medium
    Lumberjack Boxed Lunch
    Gas Lite
    Gas Regular
    Gas Volume
    Renfield's Lunch Regular
    Lumberjack Boxed Lunch
    Sunday Best™ Solid
    Sunday Best™ Oblique
    Sunday Best™ Regular
    Sunday Best™ Shadows
    FF Friday Saturday Sunday Volume
    Sunday Best™ Shadows Oblique
    Sunday Best™ Solid Oblique
    Sunday Best™ Complete Family Pack
    President Gas Regular
    City Gas Bold
    City Gas Light
    City Gas Medium
    Post Antiqua BQ
    City Gas Volume
    DB Post Master
    DB Post Stamp
    Post Mortem LC BB
    Post Mortem UC BB
    Post Antiqua BE
    Post Mediaeval BE
    Post Industrial Dark
    Post Industrial Light
    Post Industrial Medium
    Post Mortem LC BB Bold
    Post Mortem LC BB Italic
    Post Mortem UC BB Bold
    Post Mortem UC BB Italic
    Post-Antiqua BE Medium
    Post-Antiqua BE Regular
    Post-Antiqua BQ Medium
    Post-Antiqua BQ Regular
    Post-Mediaeval BQ Italic
    Post-Mediaeval BQ Medium
    Post-Mediaeval BQ Regular
    Post-Mediaeval Italic
    Post-Mediaeval Medium
    Post-Mediaeval Regular
    Post-Antiqua BE Volume
    Post-Antiqua BQ Volume
    Post-Mediaeval BE Volume
    Post-Mediaeval BQ Volume
    Post Industrial Dark Italic
    Post Industrial Light Italic
    Post Industrial Medium Italic
    Post Mediaeval BQ
    Post Antiqua Pro Italic
    Post Antiqua Pro Medium
    Post Antiqua Pro Regular
    Post Mediaeval Pro Italic
    Post Mediaeval Pro Medium
    Post Mediaeval Pro Regular
    Post Antiqua Pro Medium Italic
    Saddlery Post
    Saddlery Post Fill
    Saddlery Post
    Post Industrial™ Dark
    Post Industrial™ Light
    Post Industrial™ Medium
    Saddlery Post Fill
    Post Industrial™ Dark Italic
    Post Industrial™ Light Italic
    Post Industrial™ Medium Italic
    Post Industrial™ Complete Family Pack
    Gaz Ultralight
    Gaz Fumes
    Gaz Grease
    Gaz Heavy
    Gaz Light
    Gaz Regular
    Gaz Truck
    Gaz Bold
    Gaz Book
    Gaz Tank
    Gaz Tar
    Gaz Bold Italic
    Gaz Book Italic

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