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    2 matches comment It is not a font Kathy, all letters are different. We are looking at a long lost ancient art; hand writing.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12571 - Here are 7 fonts I've created. Their names are in Silarg, an artificial language I've invented... "Argor" is the author name I've chosen. - "Argor Biw Scaqh" means : "The Pretty Writing of Argor". - "Argor Brujsh Scaqh" means : "The Scribbled Writing of Argor". - "Argor Cwar Scaqh" means : "The Square Writing of Argor". - "Argor Flahm Scaqh" means : "The Blazing Writing of Argor". - "Argor Got Scaqh" means : "The Gothic Writing of Argor". - "Argor Man Scaqh" means : "The Writing of Argor's Hand". - "Argor Priht Scaqh" means : "The Primitive Writing of Argor". I've handwritten each type, scanned them, put them in the fontsoft I have and arranged all of these fonts... The main style is blackletter. Bye! Argor - JP Mallaroni
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11977 Keith Bates's Insecurity is demi-dingbat, part readable, part pictorial. It received a Commendation in the 2005 FUSE Typeface Competition. Aiming to reflect the theme Security intuitively and eclectically, the font was compiled Pop Art fashion from Google image searches. Quote freom Keith Bates: "This font is demi-dingbat, part readable, part pictorial. It was compiled Pop Art fashion using images trawled from internet searches, entering various expressions relating to 'Security'. The aim was to reflect the theme intuitively and eclectically, without concern for restrictions of copyright or weighty documentation. Its appearance derives partly from children's spelling books or alphabet cards, and partly from its ancestors, the Mailart Typeface and Mailart Graphics font of 2004."
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16529 Candy Pop! is an outline typeface, cool and very legible funny organic forms with psychedelic and pop style, the uneven contour, bezel type, makes the design of titles, two or more colors, for posters, flyers or commercials, is a task easy and entertaining with Photoshop. Include Bitcoin symbol: b# (ligatures) • Candy symbol: # ============================ FREE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2T7
    3 matches comment ok, Look at the temperatures.. I am looking for this font. My local news said it was called Art House MD/ Art House and I tried finding it on google, but no such luck. Can you help me identify this and possibly make it? I'd be more than willing to advertise your site for this! Thank you! Mike
    5 matches comment This elegant font is featured on many record covers. Does anybody know the name?
    2 matches comment I would like the "The Art of Disaster" font. Thanks! (I need it for the fansite I'm working on for them, so asap please!.. I KNOW WHAT IT IS JUST CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!)
    3 matches comment Don't see the quote pop-up in the reply message. Let's see what happens
    1 matches comment Try Pop Warner as quite similar. Stretch vertically.

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    anke-art .

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    P22 Pop Art Three D
    P22 Pop Art Extras
    P22 Pop Art Stencil
    P22 PoP Art Three D
    P22 Pop Art Comic Regular
    P22 PoP Art Comic
    P22 PoP Art Extras
    P22 PoP Art Stencil
    P22 Pop Art Comic Bold Italic Regular
    P22 PoP Art Comic Bold Italic
    P22 Pop Art Complete Family Pack
    Pop One
    Pop Two
    Brush Writing OC
    Celestial Writing
    Hand Writing OC
    Magi Writing
    Malachim Writing
    Masonic Writing
    Writing Machine
    CABlitzkrieg Pop-Light
    CABlitzkrieg Pop-Regular
    American Pop One
    American Pop Two
    Corn Pop Plus
    Corn Pop Two
    Diva Pop
    Hip Pop NF
    Pop Flowers
    Pop Manta
    Pop Up Fontio
    Writing Machine Bold
    Writing Machine Fractions
    Writing Machine Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two
    LDJ Elf Writing
    Brush Writing OC
    Writing Machine Bold Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two Oblique
    DF POP 1 Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF POP 1 Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    DF POP 1 Traditional Chinese HK-W 9
    DF POP 2 Traditional Chinese HK-W 9
    DF POP 3 Traditional Chinese HK-W 12
    American Pop Plain
    Diva Pop Black
    Diva Pop Bold
    Diva Pop Inline
    Pop Cubism Outline
    Pop Cubism Shaded
    DF POP 1 Complete Family Pack
    Pop Cubism Color Underlay
    Pop Cubism Halftone Underlay
    American Pop One
    American Pop Two
    Enochian Writing
    Sanskrit Writing
    FF Pop Volume
    DS Magi Writing Regular
    FB Dung POP L
    FB Dung POP M
    FB Magic POP DS
    FB Magic POP L
    FB Magic POP M
    FB Pung POP L
    FB Pung POP M
    Pop Up Fontio Regular
    DF POP 1 Simplified Chinese GB-W 5
    DF POP 2 Simplified Chinese GB-W 9
    DF POP 3 Simplified Chinese GB-W 12
    Corn Pop Two
    American Pop Family
    American Pop Plain
    DF Pop 2 Complete Family Pack
    DF POP Mix™ Japanese W 3
    DF POP Mix™ Japanese W 4
    DF POP Mix™ Japanese W 5
    Corn Pop Plus Regular
    Hand Writing OC
    Reading and Writing Doodles
    Pop 10
    Pop 20
    Pop 30
    Pop 40
    FB Dung POP Complete Family Pack
    FB Pung POP Complete Family Pack
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Light
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Regular
    Writing Machine™ Bold
    Writing Machine™ Light
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys One
    Writing Machine™ Badkeys Two
    Writing Machine™ Fractions
    Pop Family
    DF POP 1™ Japanese W 12
    DF POP 1™ Japanese W 3
    DF POP 1™ Japanese W 5
    DF POP 1™ Japanese W 7

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