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    1 matches comment Apologies. Just thought I'd do some research and due dilligence before making the purchase. i'll pony up the cash...
    1 matches comment Been looking for this one for a while since I lost it in a format. :( I looks a bit like Uranium but hollow, The first S you type with this font has a sort a tale at the top and bottom but I edited in this picture to use the second S. Thanks Ace.
    1 matches comment This font is from a fairy tale book published in 1958. I've looked around for something similar, but no luck. Has anyone seen something similar to this? Thanks in advance for any leads.
    1 matches comment Wow, did you sleep a hundred years like Dornröschen in the fairy tale? Signum is/was a program for the Atari computer (Rest in Peace). Nowadays we use Truetype fonts or Type1 or Open Type. Freeware seldom have more than the normal alphabet. Commercial fonts have many special characters. And if you are ready to invest some money you can buy Unicode fonts, they have sometimes more than 60,000 characters. :) ute
    1 matches comment Pretty much all professional baseball teams have their own font. In fact, it's not really font but more like a logo. So it's impossible to find an exact team font since they really don't exist. If you're looking to have a jersey made or something like that...sweatshirt, jacket... etc... etc.. you'll need to go to a place like Dick's Sporting goods who has MLB Licensing to do that. I have tried many fonts when building pony and club baseball team websites.... none are perfect. Believe me... I've searched and searched for hours for certain fonts. What I mentioned earlier is what I found out. They are logo's not fonts. Bummer...
    1 matches comment ? view details for free font #14234 A world famous cartoon film producer plans to release a new feature length film based on a fairy tale of your choice. The film company will require prototype advertising material in the form of flyers, press advertising, cinema tickets that use a smart or modern material to prevent fraud, and also 1:5 scale suitable card or foam core board free standing display for the foyer of the cinema. The display must be glue free to allow flat pack delivery. It is important that you do not use existing images of previously released cinema productions.

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