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    8 matches comment I am looking for a font similar to the band Poison logo. Everything I have found says it is hand drawn, but I was hoping to find something similar to it.. Can anyone help.. Thanks so much!
    1 matches comment Anyone have the Glam band Poison font? That would really help us out. Check out our website at www.posinweb.com to see what I am talking about.
    1 matches comment Exactly...I looked everywhere, but no luck. Oh well, I guess my pen tool will get a workout today :)
    1 matches comment uploaded image Yeah, I just used Copperplate and redrew the C with the pen. I think it worked. What do you think? Close?
    1 matches comment cant somebody help me find this font... i draw this font by my self using a pen... i just want a better quality/look.. tq
    1 matches comment You mean this one? [img:c61bbfe5d6]http://www.pen-paper.net/images/rpgdb/ww17000.jpg[/img:c61bbfe5d6]
    1 matches comment Heh...yeah I know. I don't have a font manager of any kind so if I don't know the name of what I'm looking for it can turn into a crapshoot in a hurry. Most times it's just quicker to give the old pen tool a workout :)
    1 matches comment I am looking for the Carlson Craft font PEN which is Peninsula Script / Floral Script, also referred to as Penfield. Any idea where I can download (for free or willing to pay) either this or something close? Thanks!
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15286 Calligraphy is an ancient writing technique using flat edged pens to create artistic lettering using thick and thin lines depending on the direction of the stroke. I always wanted to have a go at this creative art form so I created a version for my own personal use. It turned out better than I had expected so I also created a new typeface called Calligraphy Double Pencil. For the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version with numbers and accented glyph's please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2dl4MCR

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    F2F Poison Flowers™ Regular
    La Carte Pen Pen
    Doodle Pen
    Bold Pen
    Fountain Pen
    Houston Pen
    La Carte Pen
    Lamar Pen
    Norm Pen
    Payzant Pen NF
    ABTS Feather Pen
    La Carte Pen Bold
    Pen Tip DT Bold
    Pen Tip DT Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Regular
    Pen Tip DT Thin
    Pen Tip DTLefty Bold
    Pen Tip DTLefty Regular
    Pen Tip DTLefty Thin
    Fabulous Felt Pen
    Pen Tip DT Bold Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Thin Oblique
    La Carte Pen Bold
    La Carte Pen Set
    Fabulous Felt Pen Italic
    Pen Tip DT Infant Bold
    Pen Tip DT Infant Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Infant Regular
    Pen Tip DT Infant Thin
    Doodle Pen Regular
    Pen Tip DT Infant Bold Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Infant Thin Oblique
    Script Love Fine Pen
    Valeria Script Cola Pen
    Canto Pen
    Throhand Pen Italic
    Throhand Pen Roman
    Throhand FB Pen - Italic
    Throhand FB Pen - Roman
    Canto Pen Bold
    Script Love Fine Pen
    Throhand FB Pen - Italic Expert
    Throhand FB Pen - Roman Expert
    Catacumbes Regular
    Throhand Pen Italic Expert
    Throhand Pen Roman Expert
    Houston Pen Regular
    Lamar Pen Regular
    Douglass Pen Regular
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Italic
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Bold
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Roman
    Yan Series 333 JY Volume
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Black
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Black Italic
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Bold Italic
    Featherpen High
    Featherpen Low
    Artegio Regular
    FG Emmy Regular
    Handsome Volume
    Naomi Regular
    FG Jordan Regular
    FG Nadja Regular
    FG Rakel Regular
    FG Tindra Regular
    FG Typical Regular
    Coronard Regular
    FG Abby Regular
    FG Alison Regular
    FG April Regular
    FG Carola Regular
    FG Caroline Regular
    FG Ellinor Regular
    FG Matilda Regular
    FG Petra Regular
    FG Saga Regular
    Viktorie Regular
    FG Rochelle Regular
    FG Elias Regular
    FG Erin Regular
    Refresh Black
    Refresh Family
    Refresh Light
    Refresh Medium
    Handsome 2
    Marydale Family
    Wee Todd Regular
    Homer Regular
    Marydale Regular
    FG Camilla Regular
    Pentastic Regular
    FG Jason Regular
    Thystle Black
    Thystle Fat
    Thystle Mono1
    Thystle Mono2
    Thystle Mono3

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