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    1 matches comment view details for free font #1590 eheh basOF :D playboy bunny
    1 matches comment Hiya everyone, Could you please tell me what this font is? May the easter bunny bring you lotsa eggs....yummie swiss chocolate ones.. Thanks in advance
    2 matches comment :D Do you like this one http://www.fontz.de/images/font-icons/u/usagi.gif or that one? http://www-ku.magma.ne.jp/~evelyn/newfont/rabbitea.gif or which one of the - at least - 10 other fonts of the playboy's site? :D U.
    2 matches comment I don't know what the name of the original font is, but I found one that is very similar. Check out the letter "p" archive and it's called Play Toy on page nine of the archive. Hope this helps! http://www.1001freefonts.com/index2.html Jenn :) ::Jenn's Jewelry:: http://members.home.net/jennsjewelry/
    1 matches comment [quote:3eac2ffc45="bunny wuffles"] so many film titlers of that era made their own signwritten titles rather than used a font set[/quote:3eac2ffc45] And they had to. Although not the hardest metal around :) lead is not that flexible! Ever thought of making up a lay-out like these in lead? You'll start drawing! Personally I find the Brody (Briquet originally) somewhat plumb in this case.
    1 matches comment I've been working with computer fonts since 1977. There are two fonts I'm having problems with (out of 750) and I can't figure out why. Bunny Rabbits and Beautiful Beasts. I can download them, extract them, install them and open them and they look fine. When I try using them in Corel Draw (either typing with them set as the current font - OR - typing something in another font, then selecting it and changing it) they literally DISAPPEAR. I can't figure out why. I'm using Windows XP. This happens on both my home and work computers. It's very odd. :confused:
    1 matches comment Gah, I still need to clear my EMail inbox - haven't forgotten at all; but that's a job I do keep putting off..... The Simbats font and the companion were designed by SM Lust - the same artist who designed my "Bunny Wuffles" logo character :cool: I might have guessed you would have known about the fonts, but I link to his site from my main page where I was *hoping* you would have come across them as a nice surprise. Who on earth was I kidding" :rolleyes: :D ...and NO! Bolton is a new one on me - where can I find it? I tried Googling, but whenever I think I found it, I just keep on getting redirected to Fonts.com where everything is pay. I have another film-related font query; I'll start a new thread on that one if I may, as it is a different topic. And I MUST get round to cleaning my EMail inbox! :rolleyes:

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