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    1 matches comment I'm trying to write a user manual for a camera. I need the icons usually found on the camera control dials and menus, i.e.: flower, runner, face, mountain/pine tree, lightning bolt, etc., but I haven't been able to find a font for these. Any ideas? Thanks --Richie
    1 matches comment 1. The characters surely indicate this logo is based on a typeface. But it is an old logo, from long before there was digitized type and not all - far not all - older typefaces have been digitized. This one I could not find. Nor in the dungeons nor out there. So the chance that it is here or there as a digital type is - let's say - minimal. 2. to your sig; they are fast in swinging from tree to tree so they stayed out of reach of the claws of the Kat - untill now that is.
    1 matches comment I stared at this one and thought what's the name of that tree what's the name of that bird etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
    1 matches comment Hello FellowFontVoyagers, I am looking for a font that looks like it is roughly carved or scratched into wood, like initials carved into a tree or a picnic table. It needs to look a little like "chicken scratch". It is not a wood cut, it is rough and scratched into the wood. Has anybody seen this? Thanx. Dave
    1 matches comment ! Hello! Good evening! Pay attention to the words "Editora Árvore da Vida" (in Portuguese means "Life Tree Publishing") and "Fonte da vida ao Seu Alcance" (in Portugeuse, it means "life's foun to your importance") Please identify this round and futuristic font, thank you again! Gus
    1 matches comment I am a pastor at Seeds of Faith Lutheran Church in Mt. Vernon Iowa I am looking for any fonts with Seed, growing plant, leaf, plant tree flower or general garden themes can any of ya email with where I can get such fonts email at seeds@cedar-rapids.net Thanks Pastor Matt Muters
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11868 How do I install a TrueType font in Windows? 1. Press the START button 2. Select Settings 3. Select Control Panel 4. Double-click the Fonts icon 5. From the File menu, choose Install New Font... 6. In the Folders tree, set it to the location of the new font (you may have to select a different drive) 7. Highlight the correct font name(s) make sure Copy fonts to Fonts folder is checked and select OK 8. Close all windows and restart all programs
    1 matches comment I would like very much to find any fonts associated with the Engel RPG recently released in the states. (I know it was out in Germany before now) The main font drops tall letters so that nothing is ever above the midline, for example, "l"s drop done like the post on a "p" or a "q" and the post on a "k" drops down so that the top of the post is even with the "<". If anyone knows where I can find the fonts from this book (Engel), or even some similiar fonts, please let me know! If you email me, please use "engel font" as the subject. -Tree

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