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    1 matches comment Just recently I found a font for one person who requested a railroad font. I think, it comes pretty close to that on your sample. (exept a sparky serifs that it has). Take a look: Pennsylvania Wayside(Large Caps shown on the image). HTH
    2 matches comment Does anyone know what font the New York Central Railroad used in this logo? thanks! peter
    1 matches comment Looking to find a font that matches the "Original Philadelphia Style Sandwhich" on the bottom of the font. Abbey Medium in Windows was close, but the "Y" was wrong and a few other discrepancies. Any help would be appreciated. It looks a lot like an old Pennsylvania Dutch writing.
    1 matches comment As far as Allegheny goes, Aquiline is pretty well an exact replica - though the kerning may be a little unpredictable, you can easily fix this with the word processor or graphics packageof your choice. Your Abaddon-esque face, though...that's tougher. You're obviously looking for some big, swag-like, gothic spiky bits, but to find them with a full character set exactly how you like them will be more tricky. Off the top of my eye I remembered that there was an Unreal Tournament replica font floating around (on this very site, as it happens), which you can pick up here: spiky, yes indeed, but perhaps not quite enough for your tastes. But it does have a full character set, so there's a plus. Then you've got something like Tribal Two, a little ganglier and more barbed. It does have the most vicious-looking "S" I've ever seen, though. As I said, those two were just from memory, so I'll keep looking for you - but if one (or both) of those suits, then brillo. Grrrr, -Tørnquist And in answer to your question, Kat, a little Googling would seem to suggest that Allegheny is a county in Pennsylvania (USA, obviously). Anything else? Who knows.

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