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    5 matches comment Hey Everyone! I am looking for a font that has paw prints in it or something along that line. Let me know if you cant think of anything!! Thanks! Nicole
    1 matches comment Christi & Art, how about a paw and a wash?
    1 matches comment Kat - okay to go back and lick a paw or two or three... Joe - the font you had was NEVER free. You swiped it from somewhere - probably your job at the paper or publishing house. The font is still not free - I suggest you look at the san serif faces here and find one that is more to your budget - like FREEWARE. Good luck - you are so lucky you are not limited as in the old days.... there are many faces out there - more than most typography shops ever had in their libraries - keep designing...
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font that is like fiolex girls, but instead of little hearts, I want dog paw prints. Anyone know of anything like this? I don't want the pawprint font where each letter is inside its own full pawprint, but I just want the paws for accents like the hearts in fiolex girls. Thanks very much!

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