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    1 matches comment Hello Jeff, You have chosen eCheck as your paymen method and therefore will need to wait 3-4 business days before it will clear before you will receive an automated email with instructions. Sincerely,
    1 matches comment I must admit... You have a VERY unique method of welcoming new members and posters.. :) A really DIVINE attitude. Thanks for the help, and no more stupid, improperly commaed posts from me. Good Day! --------------------
    1 matches comment its a longshot but can anyone identify the "wake up!" tshirt font that method man is wearing in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpL0xVIYbnU ? Thanks for any help.
    1 matches comment Susbtitutes to Impact: Compacta or Helvetica Inserat. And there is always the method to modify a font. I've seen so many tortured fonts - squarshed, slanted, squooshed, condensed and much more - that Amnesty International should get a call. PS: But I'd vote for Impact...
    1 matches comment I give in on this one. I did it the "Viking" way: the eye method, but no match. But, maybe, the Viking eye is sharper?
    1 matches comment I tried downloading and installing the riolo font on windows xp. But is says that the font is damaged. Used this method: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/help/ , and yes i extracted it from the zip file. Please help
    1 matches comment there is no bullet-proof method. a file can be in cluded but it could be fake, or it could not be there. Metrics data could be there or not. If it is there it could easily be fake. Safest way is to find a font you like check those two sources, if the conflict or one is missing, contact the designer. the designer might or might not reply. btw, welcome Cheryl. I know what you mean about the t-shirts :)
    1 matches comment Hi Bob, thank you! In fact I don't have much experience on font creating. I just LOVE fonts, and I have the FontCreatorPorgram5. In the beginning I made them just for myself, for fun and for my own use. But then some people told me they like them, so I decide to make them available for everybody. I am not a pro designer. And I think the math method would be... hard to me (I was never good with math) Thanks for your comments and for your good vibes! Ana
    1 matches comment I believe what your saying to be partially true you may get a sound equivalent not the actual word this then can get you into doggy waters, lets say you want to translate a western word via the sound for sound method how would we know that the new word in say Chinese does not mean "CHICKEN FRIDGE" pure gibberish but yes if you use a dictionary type program for actual western words you will get the word for word translation but again be warned as the words put together may not have the same impact trust me on this I know. Get the company name translated professionally. my last word is look to the future because i am back..... :cool:
    1 matches comment Thank you so much for the reply. I had actually found the WhatTheFont link prior to reading this, and learned the identity exactly in the method you mentioned. When I did, I returned here and spent the next 15 minutes attempting to post a reply. However, AbstractFonts continued to say "failed" to the post attempts. In attempting to compare the Adobe version to Zapf, I realized that one is slightly more compressed. I chose to go with the Zapf version (in OTF) because kerning appeare a little tighter than the Adobe version. Thanks again for the great info!

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